Amazon Marketing Methods: A Complete Overview [Infographic]

Overview of Amazon Marketing Methods [Infographic]: Use The Right Marketing To Increase Your Listing’s Visibility On Amazon

Overview of Amazon Marketing Methods [Infographic]: Use The Right Marketing To Increase Your Listing’s Visibility On Amazon
By Angela Yuan in Amazon Marketing Tips Posted

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but it’s all about choosing the right ones. Just like the marketing methods available for your business, it’s important to choose the right methods for marketing your Amazon products.

Infographic - Marketing On- and Off-Amazon

Want More Information About Marketing on Amazon?

If the infographic above has left you wanting more, then we’ve got details on each key part of Amazon marketing summarized for you below. Scroll on!

‘Free’ ON-Amazon Marketing

There are, of course, plenty of ways you can market your product on Amazon for ‘free’ (meaning you don’t pay Amazon extra). The best way is to have a solid Amazon SEO strategy in place, including thorough keyword research. Additionally, you can also:

Remember, however, that Amazon has just started to crack down on reviews – read here about Amazon banning incentivized reviews on free or discounted products.

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Paid Advertisement on Amazon: A Way to Get Ahead of the Competition

The paid forms of marketing (or advertising) on are mostly reserved for vendors, but as a private or professional seller you can still run PPC campaigns.

Check out our posts on Amazon PPC for tips on how to optimize sponsored products campaigns. Advertising on Amazon is fairly simple and straightforward to start, but you can easily burn through your marketing budget if you don’t optimize properly!

Supplemental Ways to Market Your Amazon Products (Off-Amazon)

Advertising and marketing your Amazon product listing OFF (such as on your own website) can greatly improve your ranking and conversion. A well-kept marketing secret is to set up a website with product information, details about your brand, highlighted customer reviews and an opportunity to sign up for your newsletter (to send coupons, notifications of new products, etc.) and other important communications for your customers.

After your website visitors have been ‘warmed up’ and are ready to purchase, you can send them to your Amazon listing to complete the purchase. This will increase your conversion rate and sales rank – and decrease the chance that they will get distracted from your listing and click onto a competitor’s product once they’ve reached Amazon.

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What have your experiences been like with any of the marketing tactics mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below, or by getting in touch via Facebook!

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