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NEW: Sponsored Brands (HSA) Management in Sellics

NEW: Sponsored Brands (HSA) Management in Sellics
By Angela Yuan in Amazon Advertising & PPC Sellics Feature Updates Last updated on

We’re very excited to announce you can now manage Sponsored Brands (previously ‘Headline Search ads’) in Sellics.

Available for both vendors and sellers (with Brand Registry), Sponsored Brands is a very powerful advertising format you can use to drive paid traffic to your page, due to the top placement of your ad in Amazon search results.

Previously, it was only possible to analyze Sponsored Brands campaigns with third-party applications due to the limitations of the Amazon Advertising API. Amazon has, however, recently released an API update. For the first time, advertisers can now use Sellics to independently manage the performance of their Sponsored Brands campaigns.

At Sellics we integrated the new Advertising API update immediately, enabling us to very quickly develop our new Sponsored Brands management feature for our customers.

amazon sponsored brands optimization

In your PPC/AMS Manager you can now:

  • Change keyword bids directly in Sellics (coming soon: automated bidding)
  • Move keywords between your Sponsored Brands campaigns.
  • Add new keywords and pause keywords in your campaigns.
  • Adjust your Sponsored Brands campaign budgets.
  • See your Change Log detailing all past changes made to your campaigns.
amazon sponsored ads management

Available in both our Seller Edition and Vendor Edition software, simply navigate to your PPC/AMS Manager> ‘Sponsored Brands’ tab to try out the new feature!

Coming soon: Automated Bidding for Amazon Sponsored Brands

In our upcoming Sponsored Brands feature update, you will be able to setup automation bidding for your Sponsored Brands campaigns, similar to your Sponsored Products campaigns in Sellics (if you have bid automation rules enabled.)

Do you have any questions or suggestions for improvement? Let us know in the comments below, or email us at: We look forward to receiving your feedback!


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