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Product Update: New Search Term Control Features in PPC Manager

In order to optimize Amazon PPC campaigns, sellers are generally recommended to run an ongoing PPC auto campaign where they can find and transfer search terms from their auto campaign into a new manual campaign.

Sellers also need to move keywords frequently between different campaigns and ad groups in order to prioritize high converting keywords, remove weak keywords, etc. Both processes continue to be extremely cumbersome to perform in Seller Central.

Our PPC Manager automates this process for you, and enables you to instantly filter a list of keywords based on your optimization needs. E.g. You may want to filter search terms with a high conversion rate (CR) to add as keywords to your manual campaign, or filter weak search terms with a low CR to add to your negative keyword list.

New search term control features in our PPC Manager:

  • Add search terms as keywords and move to any Ad Group or multiple Ad Groups (This is useful for sellers to test how keywords perform in different or multiple Ad Groups.)
  • Add search terms as keywords and move to your Negative Keyword list (Sellers should regularly do this to manage the cost of their ad campaigns, and remove weak keywords by adding them as a negative keyword.)

How to move search terms to different/multiple Ad Groups:

Step 1: Select the search terms you wish to add as new keywords for an Ad Group.

customer search terms Amazon PPC

Step 2: Add the search terms as keywords, and determine which Ad Group (or multiple Ad Groups) you wish to add them to. You can also choose the keyword match type here, and set a custom bid for your keyword.


How to add search terms to your negative keyword list:

Step 1: Select the search terms you wish to add as a negative keyword.


Step 2: Add the search term to your negative keywords, and pick the keyword match type; ‘negative exact’ or ‘negative phrase’. Decide if you want to add the negative keyword on a campaign level, ad group level, or blacklist the keyword altogether; i.e. add the negative keyword to ALL your campaigns.



Log in to your Sellics account to try out the new features, or create a free trial account today.

Do you have any questions or suggestions for improvement? Let us know in the comments below, or email us at: We look forward to receiving your feedback!

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