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NEW Profit App for Amazon: Track your Christmas Sales with Sellics on the go

We’re excited to announce the release of the Sellics Profit Tracker App, designed for Amazon sellers to check their daily sales & profit on the go!

Our Profit app will allow Amazon sellers to (1) see live their products sold during the day, and (2) view the net profit for all their products. Both features are not available in the Amazon Seller App, which is only able to display sales data from the two days previous.

The Sellics Profit Tracker app is very useful for sellers that want real-time updates of their sales on Amazon. We also display the net profit for all your products; your costs are automatically deducted (Amazon fees, taxes, Cost of Goods, shipping, and PPC costs), making it easy for you to see your real profit on Amazon!

Key features:

  • Track your daily sales & costs on Amazon in real time
  • See your daily units sold
  • Net profit display (check your daily, weekly, monthly profit.)
  • Free download for all Sellics users

Now available for download on Apple iOS & Google Play.


For new users you can signup for a free 14 day trial and also try our Profit App for free.

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