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Major Update for Content & SEO (Vendor Edition)

Major Update for Content & SEO (Vendor Edition)
By Angela Yuan in Sellics Feature Updates Amazon Vendors Last updated on

We’re thrilled to announce some exciting new updates in Sellics Vendor Edition!

We’ve worked hard to improve the user experience of our Content & SEO module, and have implemented some major changes based on the valuable feedback we received from our customers.

Vendors will see a huge improvement in performance with our new Content & SEO update…meaning optimizing your Amazon content has never been faster in Sellics!

1. Optimize Your ASINs Efficiently in Bulk

You can now optimize your ASINs more quickly and efficiently using the filter tabs in your Content Analysis overview:

2. Improved Content Optimization Workflow

Easily toggle between the updated ‘See Keywords’ and ‘See Similar Products’ tab in your Content Optimization page. You now have 2 tabs (instead of 3), allowing for more space to optimize your content—a heavily requested update from many of our customers. In addition, you now have 7 bullet points (previously 5) you can optimize directly in Sellics.

You can also edit multiple ASINs at once and work on them via individual tabs:

optimize multiple asins

And click on ‘Track Keywords’ to see how your product is ranking for certain keywords:

amazon keyword tracking

Tip: Click on ‘See Similar Products’ to look at the customer reviews, questions, and content of your competitor’s products. Directly compare your competitor’s content against your own:

content optimization Amazon

Use this feature to get inspiration for your own Amazon content, by looking at the existing reviews and questions for your product, and products similar to your own. By answering your commonly asked questions directly in your listing, you’re able to create a more comprehensive listing, and prevent potential customers from asking similar questions in the future.

Do you have any questions or suggestions for improvement? Let us know in the comments below, or email us at: We look forward to receiving your feedback!


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