Major Update: Amazon PPC Analyze Now Live in Sellics

One of the biggest challenges in PPC campaign optimization is trying to keep track of all the changes you make, in order to determine which campaign tweaks were actually successful.

With our new PPC Analyze feature and Keyword Bid History Chart, Sellics solves this problem by tracking all the changes you make to your campaigns, allowing you to see the direct correlation between your optimization efforts on the performance of your PPC ads.

Update 1: New Keyword Bid History Chart

You can now view the bid history for each keyword in your Campaign or Ad Group. Each keyword row will display the bid changes you’ve made to your keyword for the past 60 days.

You can click on the bid history icon (displayed above), which will allow you to drill down and compare the effects of your keyword bid changes over time, and compare it against other metrics such as your CPC, cost, or revenue in your Trend Chart. This will allow you to precisely measure the effects of your keyword bid changes on the performance of your ad.

PPC Manager Analyze

Update 2: New PPC Analyze feature

​For the first time ever, our new PPC Analyze feature will allow you to precisely measure the effects of your ongoing optimization efforts on the performance of your campaigns.

The campaign overview (showing your cost, revenue, and ACoS) displayed in your PPC Analyze page will allow you to quickly decide which Campaigns and/or Ad Groups you want to focus your optimization efforts on due to a spike or drop in campaign performance.

AMAZON ppc analyze

Simply click on your targeted Campaign or Ad Group to filter your results. You will be able to see all the changes you’ve made in your campaign matched against the performance metrics of your selection (i.e. cost v.s. impressions) on the timeline directly beneath your Trend Chart.

Amazon PPC Manager

We hope these new features in your PPC Manager will be of great assistance in helping you improve the performance of your PPC Campaigns!

Log in to your Sellics account to try out the new features, or create a free trial account today.

Do you have any questions or suggestions for improvement? Let us know in the comments below, or email us at: We look forward to receiving your feedback!


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