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Introducing Retail Analytics: See Your Vendor Sales Performance

Introducing Retail Analytics: See Your Vendor Sales Performance
By Angela Yuan in Sellics Feature Updates Amazon Vendors Last updated on

We’re excited to announce the release of Retail Analytics—a powerful sales performance dashboard for Amazon vendors.

Right now, brands struggle to get a good perspective on which factors are really influencing their performance on Amazon. The lack of data visualizations in Vendor Central can be extremely frustrating, and in order to evaluate sales performance, vendors must create their own sales graphs by reworking data from various ARA/ARAP reports.

Sellics is able to combine the data from all your key Amazon channels (customer reviews, content/ search visibility, AMS, buy box monitoring) into one tool, and with our new Sales Performance Dashboard— give you insights into how these factors are influencing your revenue growth on Amazon.

Amazon Vendors: Your New Sales Performance Dashboard

With our new Retail Analytics module, your ARA/ARAP data will be pulled on a daily basis via our Vendor Central Chrome Plugin, and stored in your Sellics VE account.

This means your sales data will be visualized for you, making it easier for you to evaluate current and historical performance without having to manually extract data from various ARA/ARAP reports.

Importantly, you will be able to better understand your revenue growth, by directly comparing your sell-in figures (units sold to Amazon), and your sell-out figures (units Amazon sold to end-customer).

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You can also see how fast Amazon is selling your inventory, giving you a better idea of when to reorder more stock, and know in advance if you will have excess stock.

Key highlights of VE Retail Analytics:

  • Direct comparison of your sell-in and sell-out data.
  • Rich data visualisations of your sales performance.
  • See your sales performance for all Amazon markets in one view.
  • Filter your sales data by ASIN, country, product group, brand, etc.


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