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How Buy Box Monitoring Helps Vendors Stay in Control on Amazon

How Buy Box Monitoring Helps Vendors Stay in Control on Amazon
By Anna Buchmann in Amazon Vendors Posted

There are still vendors out there that haven’t dared the transition to sell on Amazon due to the fear that they lose control of their brand. Even vendors who are Amazon pros still face the challenge of staying in control of the distribution and pricing of their products on the online marketplace.

Monitoring the Buy Box and 3rd party sellers is part of the answer to this challenge – and provides you with more brand security on Amazon. The Buy Mox is the box that includes the ‘Buy’ button and can be found on the right-hand side of every product listing. Winning the Buy Box means winning the sale. Knowing if you (i.e. Amazon) are the Buy Box owner, therefore, is crucial to track your performance and sales.

But there are more reasons that Buy Box monitoring is important – especially in regards to brand control in the marketplace:

1. Monitor your competition and distribution channels

Knowing who is winning the Buy Box also tells you who else is selling your products and at what price. This crucial information helps you track your competition and uncover any third party sellers that might violate your distribution agreements.

2. Quickly become aware of unauthorized sellers and counterfeit products

Monitoring the Buy Box helps you identify unauthorized sellers and counterfeit products. You can easily determine who Amazon is losing the Buy Box to and whether the product they are selling from your range is legit. In the worst case scenario, you can take action straight away before risking your brand’s reputation and losing revenue to deceptive sellers.

3. Stay on top of order management and inventory

One factor that is crucial for winning the Buy Box is the availability of your products. If you are losing the Buy Box regularly, it might be due to insufficient inventory. Monitoring your Buy Box share, therefore, tells you if you need to improve your order management and send more inventory to Amazon.

Buy Box Monitoring is an effective measure to help you stay in control of your brand whilst selling on Amazon. But you can’t regularly check the Buy Box for thousands of products.

That’s why the Sellics Vendor Edition offers a Buy Box feature that provides you with an overview of all the sellers that offer your product and their pricing and notifies you when Amazon loses the Buy Box.


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