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Prepare for Cyber Monday Amazon Deals & A Heavy Holiday Shopping Season By Offering Lightning Deals

The holiday season is fast approaching, and that means the world’s largest online retail platform will be gearing up its Amazon lightning deals for shoppers who are looking for early bird discounts on Christmas gifts and Kwanza presents. Deals have even begun popping up on Amazon before Black Friday – which means you need to prepare for the shopping season by getting your Cyber Monday Amazon deals ready!

You’re most likely already aware of important shopping dates in Q4, but we’ll list them here again just in case:

  • Cyber Monday Week on Amazon: Nov 21 – 28
  • Black Friday itself on Nov 25
  • Early Christmas deals leading into the last month of the year: Nov 28 – Dec 4
  • Last-Minute xmas deals and promotions: Dec 20 – 25

Take part in Amazon Lightning Deals as a Seller to Improve Sales & Rankings

Lightning Deals are very visible for shoppers on Amazon since they appear on a very central page on Amazon that’s also linked to from banners on Amazon’s homepage and during special promotional seasons (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.). That’s why many shoppers will end up on in the Cyber Monday Amazon Deals section this season, especially if they’re on the lookout for last-minute deals.

Lightning Deals are available on products that aren’t only sold by Amazon – Sellers can also participate in this kind of shopping frenzy. Lightning Deals are a great way for sellers to generate maximum holiday sales on Amazon.

But even after the holidays have ended, participating in Amazon Lightning Deals is a great way to boost sales in the long term, too. This is because, in most cases, spikes in sales during promotional periods lead directly to an improvement in rankings. In this way, products offered on sale can also rank better organically and be found and purchased by more shoppers.

How to Create Lightning Deals for Cyber Monday Amazon Deals

You can make a Lightning Deal relatively easily by logging into your Seller Central account, clicking on Advertising, then on Lightning Deals (see the screenshot below).

screenshot SC lightning deals

There, you’ll see a list of products that Amazon recommends you use for Lightning Deals. You can only select from that list of recommended products – don’t try contacting Support for an application. Keep checking your spam folder for emails from Amazon; If they notify you of recommendation, those automatically generated emails could land in your junk folder.

Amazon also recommends a price, quantity and deal dates for the products that it recommends for Lightning Deals. Remember that the quantity you select (either recommended or determined yourself) will be used for one Lightning Deal lasting 4-6 hours. Make sure you have enough in stock in the event that the Cyber Monday Amazon deal is run more than once in a day or week – that set quantity will be offered each time.

How Can I Enter My Product in Cyber Monday Lightning Deals?

First, you want to make sure that your product qualifies for participation.

  • Generally, products offered in Amazon’s Lightning Deals must have a good review rating
  • Much more often than not, the products must be sold FBA
  • Some FBM products are being made eligible for inclusion in Amazon Prime
  • You must be able to offer a considerable discount (20-30%), so make sure that participating in a Lightning Deal is worth it for you
  • You must have enough items in stock (usually 1,000+)

If your product meets these criteria, then you may be selected soon. Select your product, set the conditions for your Lightning Deal and also set a desired time frame – then you’re ready to apply with your lighning deal to Amazon.

How Much Does it Cost to Do Amazon Lightning Deals on Black Friday?

Whether on Black Friday or Cyber Monday – or any other time that Amazon Lightning Deals are held – the newly instated fee will remain the same. Starting November 21, 2016 there will be a seller fee for each deal (i.e. each product). The amount will be charged separately in your Amazon Seller Central account. Amazon states reasons for the fee here.

If you’re selling on international markets, there is already a fee for Amazon Lightning Deals in place: €70 in Germany, €40 in Spain – it varies by marketplace. Keep in mind that Amazon will still deduct its standard fees (referral, shipping, packing, etc.) connected with your account.

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