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COVID-19 / Coronavirus Live Talks, News, Highlights for Amazon, eCommerce, and Online Shopping (Weekly Roundup)

On this page, you will find everything related to COVID-19, eCommerce, and Amazon that we have researched and created, as well as curated external content we think you should know about. This link roundup ist continuously updated with the following categories:

Sellics Thursday Live – Weekly Talks With Thought Leaders

Every Thursday, Sellics CEO Franz Jordan sits down with another industry thought leader to discuss the challenges and strategies we all face in this extraordinary time. Watch now to gain important insights that you can instantly apply to your Amazon business.

Ep. 8: Top Ad Strategies | 14 May 2020

How can you adjust your Amazon Advertising strategy to increase sales and decrease ACoS during a crisis? Join Sellics CMO Thomas Ropel and our PPC expert Zi Lin Liang for our most popular episode yet!

Ep. 6: Live Case Study | 30 April 2020

Drawing from his own experience as a successful seller, Sellics expert Yasser Sakan discusses his biggest challenges in Q1 and offers a hands-on approach to navigate the current crisis.

Ep. 5: The New Normal | 23 April 2020

Peter Kearns, Amazon brand expert and VP of Business Development for 180Commerce, sits down with Franz to look into the future: How will the new normal roll out for inventory, advertising, and branding strategy?

Ep. 4: AMZ Advertising | 16 April 2020

During this week’s episode, advertising expert Stefan Jordev of Bobsled Marketing joins Franz to discuss the question you’ve undoubtedly asked yourself: should you continue advertising on Amazon during the coronavirus crisis?

Ep. 3: Vendors & Hybrids | 9 April 2020

In this Episode, Franz teams up with Carina McLeod, the Founder and CEO of Vendor Society and eCommerce Nurse, to discuss the current challenges Vendors and brands using the hybrid model (Seller + Vendor) face.

Ep. 2: Supply Chains | 2 April 2020

Jérôme de Guigné (Founder & Managing Director of E-Comas) and Franz tackle perhaps the most pertinent question Amazon brands ask in 2020: What can I do to safeguard my supply?

Ep. 1: Business Impact | 26 March 2020

Chris Mole (Founder of Molzi) and Franz kick off the weekly Thursday Live Talks with a discussion about the impact the COVID-19 crisis has on Amazon businesses.

Surveys, Reports & Analyses

How is the Amazon community responding to the Coronavirus crisis? Which products are winning right now? What can we learn from the experiences of others? We’re all in this together – stay educated, stay successful, stay healthy.

Coronavirus News: Amazon / eCommerce

The latest top stories around COVID-19 and how the pandemic affects Amazon, eCommerce, and the people who live and work in this realm.

23 April 2020 | Amazon donates £250,000 to Book Trade Charity

Amazon tried to keep it low key, but the bookshops fund finally revealed its benefactor: Amazon still works closely with brick-and-mortar booksellers.

amazon donates a large sum to book trade charity
Photo by Jaredd Craig
23 April 2020 | Amazon funds Covid-19 plasma therapy study

The FDA approved Columbia’s approach to studying plasma from recovered Covid-19 patients. Amazon supports the research with $2.5 million.

23 April 2020 | FBA Sellers Are Running Out of Stock

Less than 80% of the top Amazon sellers offer Prime shipping for more than half of their assortment, the first significant drop in Prime assortment by the top sellers in years.

empty shelves showing low prime assortment
Photo by Simon Ray
18 April 2020 | Hot or Not: Amazon Uses Thermal Cameras to Check for Fever

Amazon has installed thermal cameras in some of its operational facilities to facilitate the process of screening workers for fever.

17 April 2020 |Deliveroo could go bust, Amazon ready to invest

Amazon’s investment in the food delivery service Deliveroo was put on hold in December 2019 “amid concerns it would limit competition in the takeaway and ultra-fast grocery delivery markets”. This changed now that the coronavirus crisis threatens Deliveroo to exit the market.

deliveroo courier with mask
Source: Deliveroo
17 April 2020 | Despite Restrictions: FBA Sellers Rely on Amazon

Amazon’s move to prioritize essential items caused FBA sellers to look for alternative warehousing providers — but not for competing marketplaces.

seller stay with amazon fba
Source: Amazon
16 April 2020 | Amazon Wants Customers to Buy Less

To focus operations and consumer spending on essentials and high-demand items, Amazon has removed its deals page including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Prime Day. The frequently-bought-together list for each product has disappeared and brands can no longer submit coupons.

amazon stops customers from spending
Photo by Gary Bendig
14 April 2020 | Amazon Drastically Reduces Commissions for Affiliates

While stocks are looking good and hiring is healthy, Amazon is also resorting to cost-cutting measures – or was the decision planned long ago? In some categories, the share that affiliate partners now receive per referred purchase plummets by more than half.

amazon cuts affiliate commission in half
Photo by Giorgio Trovato
13 April 2020 | Court Orders Amazon France to Deliver Only Essential Orders

At the other end of the restriction rollercoaster (see below), a court in France has ordered Amazon to deliver only food, hygiene, and medical products in the country. The ruling gives Amazon 24h to comply — or else face a fine of €1 million per day.

Update on 15 April: Amazon has responded by closing its fulfillment centers in France for at least 5 working days.

13 April 2020 | Amazon Allows Sellers to Ship Non-Essential Items

After prioritizing only essential product categories in March, Amazon has allowed some non-essential products into its warehouses. The products will be limited by quantity to allow Amazon to continue prioritizing essential products and protecting employees, but some sellers already report being “unblocked”.

Amazon loosens restrictions for FBA sellers
Source: Amazon
13 April 2020 | 75,000 Additional Job Openings at Amazon

In March, Amazon prominently announced it would hire 100,000 new employees and increase wages. The goal was reached, so now they are filling 75,000 more positions and spending $ 500 million on pay increase.

9 April 2020 | Amazon to Build COVID-19 Testing Lab for Workforce

Amazon plans to test its frontline employees for COVID-19 to protect its warehouse workers and delivery drivers in the face of scarce testing opportunities in the U.S. Amazon acknowledges the difficulty of setting up such a sophisticated clinical laboratory in a short time — will they pull it off?

8 April 2020 | ‘Amazon Shipping’ Service on Pause

Amazon’s answer to FedEx and UPS, ‘Amazon Shipping’ will be put on pause starting in June, allowing the company to focus on the delivery of its own orders. 

amazon delivery
Source: Amazon
3 April 2020 | Prime Day Delayed

Preparations for Prime Day selling will grind to a halt for many, as the shopping event is delayed for a so-far-unspecified period.

primeday logo
Source: Amazon
2 April 2020 | N95 Masks For Hospitals and Governments Only

Faced with shortages of basic medical gear, N95 masks and other medical PPE sold on Amazon will be distributed to qualifying hospitals and governments only for the time being. 

Source: Pixnio
1 April 2020 | The Futile Search for Toilet Paper

Amazon is doing all it can to keep up with skyrocketing demand for certain products, but many are still quickly sold out. Despite no or low stock, search stats show what consumers are looking for – and not finding.

1 April 2020 | Operations on Pause: Now Back On?

On March 26th, Amazon announced that all deliveries in the Indian marketplace were put on pause. Since then, Amazon has re-instated deliveries in an increasing number of cities. 

31 March 2020 | (Some) FBA Storage Fees Waived

Amazon fortifies its commitment to its selling partners during the COVID-19 pandemic by waiving two weeks of sellers’ inventory storage fees for products stored in certain markets

29 March 2020 | COVID-19 a Stress Test on Supply Chain

As China’s economic output increases weekly, other parts of the world begin confronting increasingly significant disruptions, coping with sudden shifts in both supply and demand.

27 March 2020 | ‘Essentials’ Definition Broadened in Key Markets

As a follow up to the March 17th announcement that Amazon would prioritize the fulfillment of ‘essential’ items, Amazon has now announced that this list will be broadened and that sellers can check their eligibility using a new tool

26 March 2020 | #BuildforCOVID19 Global Online Hackathon

Calling all developers! Partnering with the WHO and scientists at the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, this hackathon invites you to contribute your talents to build both local and global solutions for the new challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

25 March 2020 | Amazon Upping Their Grocery Game

By increasing in-store safety, limiting purchase quantities of high-demand items, increasing pay and delivery capacity, Amazon attempts to keep up with rising demand for pick-up and online ordering. 

25 March 2020 | Some still see supply delays

For some, supply continues to be a concern, as half of sellers and vendors surveyed by Sellics report an increase in shipping times.

23 March 2020 | Tech Company Volunteers Build COVID-19 Tracking App

A group of thirty volunteers from Amazon, Apple, and Alphabet built a website called to track the spread of the pandemic in the US in real-time by using symptoms to bridge the testing gap. 

23 March 2020 | Test kits and well wishes, courtesy of Amazon

Amazon will participate in test kit delivery in Seattle, and Jeff Bezos sends a personal note.

21 March 2020 | Essentials only for hardest-hit countries

As an extreme measure to keep up with demand, Amazon will limit shipping to essential items in marketplaces hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic: Italy and France.

20 March 2020 | Amazon kicks out corona-scammers

In their haste to purchase high demand products, Amazon consumers are being duped by opportunistic sellers. In response, Amazon is cracking down on price-gouging by pulling over a half-million offers and 3,900 sellers from the site.

17 March 2020 | FBA in USA now limited

Amazon announced that until April 5th, it would prioritize ‘household staples and medical supplies’ in the US by accepting only these items for stocking up in FBA warehouses.

12 March 2020 | Could social distancing be a boon to the eCommerce industry? 

Thought leaders speculate that the coronavirus pandemic could push eCommerce ten years into the future. A report by Sellics does suggest that social distancing measures might increase the demand for products on Amazon. It will, however, follow distinctly different trends across categories: A third of sellers and vendors already see a drop in demand for their products.

COVID-19 News Highlights in March 2020
12 March 2020 | Could social distancing be a boon to the eCommerce industry?

Thought leaders speculate that the coronavirus pandemic could push eCommerce ten years into the future. A report by Sellics does suggest that social distancing measures might increase the demand for products on Amazon. It will, however, follow distinctly different trends across categories: A third of sellers and vendors already see a drop in demand for their products.

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