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Amazon Image Requirements: Optimization Guide (+ Pro Tips)

Main Amazon image requirements are: minimum 1,000 px width or height, white background, product fills at least 85% of the frame.

However it’s all in the details – product images are the main driver for clicks for on Amazon. If customers are not clicking on your product in Amazon’s search results page, you won’t get any sales.

This article will explain the following aspects:

  1. How Amazon product images influence rankings
  2. Amazon image requirements: 2 scenarios
    1. Image Requirements: Quality
    2. Main Amazon Product Image
    3. Amazon Image angle and perspective
    4. Item use case and benefits
    5. Image Background (+ PRO tip)
    6. Lifestyle
    7. Context
    8. Size Ratios (PRO tip)
    9. Unique Product Features (PRO tip)
    10. Add details to Amazon Product Images
    11. Packaging
  3. Conclusion

How Amazon Product Images Influence Rankings

Amazon incorporates the click through rates and conversion rates into their ranking algorithm. If your product is clicked on and purchased more frequently, Amazon’s A9 ranking algorithm will lift the product higher up in their search results.

This means your click through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CR)  have a direct effect on your product’s ranking. Followingly,  an improved CTR (thanks to a high quality main image) and conversion rate will help boost your rankings on Amazon.

However, it is important to understand that Amazon product images of high quality alone do not guarantee an improvement in rankings. It is only when you start to see an improvement in your CTR and CR, which will in turn trigger Amazon’s A9 algorithm to lift your product higher up in the search results.

2. What Are Amazon Image Requirements?

The table below displays difference between 2 possible cases:

Parameter Best Result Risk of Rejection
Amazon Product Images: General Rules
Color Mode
  • RGB
  • CMYK, Grayscale, lab, Indexed, Multichannel
File Format
  • JPEG (preferred), PNG, GIF, TIFF
  • Min. 1,000 pixels height or width
  • Professional photography
  • Animated GIF, PDF, layout/vector files
  • Less than 500 or larger than 10,000 pixels
  • Blurry images, jagged edges, text/logos, mannequins
Amazon Image Requirements: Main Image
  • Show entire product
  • Pure white background
  • Min. 1,000 dpi for zoom quality
  • Show only what customers will receive
  • Product fills at least 85% of image area
  • Accessories or additional products
  • Colored background or lifestyle pictures
  • Less than 72 dpi
  • Drawings or sketches of the product
  • Borders, watermarks, text, decorations
Image Requirements: Additional Amazon Images
  • Different angles and states
  • Show the product being used or in a common environment
  • Nudity or sexually suggestive images
  • Images of kids and baby underwear or swimwear that have been photographed on a model

Let’s dig into details:

2.1 Amazon Image Requirements: Quality

  • Make sure your images adhere to Amazon’s minimum product image requirements
  • You can add up to 8 additional images for a product
  • Use these images to provide all the important visual information about your item, and highlight its positive aspects
  • Make sure your images have a sufficiently high resolution to enable Amazon’s zoom function. By allowing customers to look more closely at your product, the distance to your product is reduced and trust is built.
amazon product image zoom

For example, if a customer is browsing for a Nikon camera, they can use the zoom function to assess the different buttons and functions available to help them make their purchasing decision. As the details of the product is visible, the customer is able to better envision how it would feel to hold the device in their hands.

2.2 Amazon Image Requirements: Main Product Image


Your main image is the driver for clicks to your product, as it is the only image that is visible in Amazon’s search results. Customers will fly over the list of product images in the search results page, and click on the products they find most interesting.

Image requirements here are as follows: we recommend for your core product to be centered with a white background, and make sure the well lit image fills 80-85% of the frame.

In the example above, we’ve displayed two main images for a table grill. The first photo, while professionally shot, does not clearly illustrate the core product. Keep in mind your main image will only be displayed as a preview pic in the search results, and you want to avoid having your product easily overlooked in the search results page. This makes the second image more ideal, as the core product is sufficiently visible and recognizable even as a preview pic.

Depending on the product, different aspects of an image can be important, which are discussed below.

2.3 Use Angle and Perspective


Show the product from different perspectives. This serves to make the customer feel as if they have seen the whole product and not just what you want to show them.

2.4 Item Use Case and Benefits


Use the item as a reference to how the product is used. In this way, a buyer can more easily imagine how they can use the product and combines the resulting benefits directly with your product. An Amazon image is particularly useful when the installation and use of a product is not easily accessible and requires explanation. Remove this hurdle by clarifying the facts about one or more pictures.

2.5 Amazon Image Requirements: Background

For some products, it is important for customers to imagine how the product fits into their environment. All kinds of furniture are, for example, products that unfold your full value by harmoniously integrating into a living environment and thus creating a coherent overall picture. Thus, a couch table looks more aesthetically pleasing and more comfortable when shown in a living room environment.

PRO TIP: By showing the product in its surroundings, you can also enhance it by the clever choice of high-quality accompanying products.

2.6 Lifestyle


With a product always a certain lifestyle is sold. Show the customer how the product fits into his or her lifestyle, or what lifestyle he or she acquires together with the product. A fully automatic coffee machine exudes an upscale lifestyle and enjoyment orientation when presented in a designer kitchen and together with a freshly prepared coffee.

2.7 Context


Put the picture in a human context and bring the product to life. This is not just for clothing. Most products have a social component that is worth showcasing. Show your customers how they stand out as a person with a product or how they can experience it with other people.

2.8 PRO TIP: Show Size Ratios


For some products it may be helpful to illustrate the size ratios. Make the product in the context of another item. Amazon also uses this trick for the Kindle to illustrate how slim their product is.

2.9 PRO TIP: Show Unique Product Characteristics


Product features that characterize the product should be highlighted. Let your product sell itself by not only describing advantages in the text, but also makes it immediately visual.

2.10 Add Details to Amazon Product Images


If there are important details about your product, these should also be highlighted in a separate product image.

2.11 Packaging


Depending on the product, the packaging can be a more or less important part of the overall package. Products that display status and upscale lifestyle (such as cuff links, see below) or as a gift are often used with a stylish and high-quality package. In such cases, it may be advantageous to showcase the product in its packaging.

3. Amazon Image Requirements: Conclusion

Each of your Amazon product images can be the key driver for clicks to your product. Taking the time to curate high quality images will help you shape the perception of the quality of your product, and help customers quickly assess the characteristics of your product. High quality images also have a direct influence on your click through rates and conversion rates, which in turn will increase your rankings in Amazon’s search results.

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