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Commenting on Amazon Reviews Is Not Possible Anymore—What to Do Now?

On December 16, 2020, Amazon retired the feature that allowed buyers and sellers to comment on customer reviews.

The reason behind this decision? According to company communications, the comments feature on customer reviews was ‘rarely used’. So as of today, it is not possible to comment on new product reviews. It is also no longer possible to view old comments on product reviews on

The removal of the comment feature likely comes as a shock to many Amazon sellers and vendors. Until recently, commenting on product reviews was the preferred option for brands to publicly address customer feedback.

Amazon has said that it will develop other ways for sellers and vendors to interact with customers, but it hasn’t released any details about the new feature or provided a release date.

For now, brands will need to identify other ways to respond to customer feedback. Below we highlight some of the ways you can take control of your seller reputation, drive customer satisfaction, and stay high in organic rankings.

How to manage your reviews in the future

Despite the changes, customer reviews are still one of the best ways for sellers and vendors to understand how customers perceive their portfolio of products. There are a number of ways that sellers can use both positive and negative reviews to improve their products, marketing and service.

AreaNegative ReviewsPositive Reviews
ProductIdentify weaknesses and defects in the product and correct themRecognize and expand the USP to strengthen competitive advantage
Content and product information– Correct misleading information
– Add missing information
– Clear frequent misunderstandings proactively
– Incorporate information about fixed problems
– Incorporate benefits that are not yet communicated
– Edit product information so that the most important benefits are prioritized
KeywordsIncorporate frequently used keywords to improve the findability of the productIncorporate frequently used keywords to improve the findability of the product
ServiceFix perceived weaknessesExpand perceived strengths

Good reviews can help you to recognize positive aspects of your products that you hadn’t been aware of. You can take this information and incorporate it into your listings and ‘Question and Answers’ sections, allowing you to fully leverage the strengths of your product.

Even though no seller wants to receive bad reviews, neutral or negative reviews are especially important because they provide information about how sellers can improve their products and product listings.

Taking steps to address customer feedback will help to prevent the same complaints from arising again and again in reviews.

While some negative reviews provide important information for sellers, others can be baseless or fraudulent. If you believe one of your negative reviews violates the review guidelines, it is worth asking Amazon to delete the review.

Overall, the chances that Amazon will remove a negative review are low. But there’s a chance they may remove a review if:

  • the review is untrue, illegal, harassing, threatening, or inflammatory;
  • the review is not relevant to your product;
  • the person who left the review has a conflict of interest (e.g., is a competitor, has a direct relationship to a competitor, has been compensated for their review, or posts an advertisement for a competing product).

Although a negative review can be upsetting, remember that the overall number and quality of your reviews will have a larger impact than any single negative review.

Did you know?

Using Sellics’s Reviews Management module, you can get live alerts on new product reviews and questions, allowing you to quickly react to customer feedback. You can also track your ratings over time to gain insights about how your products are performing.

What are other ways to interact with the customer?

Brands can use the Q&A section to anticipate customer concerns by leaving questions under their own listings and responding directly.

This provides even more space for sellers to communicate product details that aren’t covered in the key listing elements.

Often, people who leave questions are potential customers or customers that are considering returning a product. In situations like these, responding quickly is essential.

Did you know?

With the Sellics Reviews Management module, you can get alerts when new questions are added and respond right away to maximize the chances of conversion and minimize customer dissatisfaction. Our watchlist feature also notifies you about any follow up questions.

When customers have a detailed understanding of your product and its uses, they will be less likely to be unhappy and write a negative review. That’s why it’s important to make sure you optimize your images, videos, and product descriptions. For more information on how to do this, check out this article from the Sellics Blog.

Before leaving a negative review, many customers will reach out to customer service to try to resolve their issue. Having a strong customer service team that stands behind your products will help to prevent customers from leaving negative reviews and maintain your brand’s reputation on Amazon.

Did you know?

With Sellics, you can also use the Reviews Management module to receive weekly or monthly reports on your competitors’ negative reviews. You can then target these products with your advertising campaigns to bring customers over to your brand and drive sales. For more information on how to do this using Sellics, check out this article.

Key takeaways

  • Even though it is no longer possible to comment on customer reviews, there are still various ways to leverage reviews and manage customer feedback
  • It’s important to monitor both positive and negative reviews as they provide sellers and vendors with important sources of information about how they can improve their products and product listings.
  • It’s important to monitor the Q&A section on product pages. Here sellers and vendors can still interact with customers and Q&As can be used to address customer concerns ahead of time and to clarify information about your product.
  • Sellics tracks both reviews and Q&A. Using Sellics’s Reviews Management module, you can set up notifications so that you know when a customer has left a new review or question. You can also view historical product review data to analyse product trends and gain insights to improve your advertising strategies.
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