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Brand Registered Sellers Can Now Upload Videos on Amazon

Brand Registered Sellers Can Now Upload Videos on Amazon
By Anna Buchmann in Amazon Updates Last updated on

Nothing is as moving as a video.

According to marketing research, shoppers are 174% more likely to make a purchase after seeing a video.

Video is therefore one of the most effective e-commerce tools when it comes to converting potential customers into paying customers. And if you registered your brand with Amazon you now have the option to add a video to your product listing.

In order to take advantage of this Enhanced Content tool, you need a Professional Seller account and be registered with the Amazon Brand Registry. Once your products are part of the approved brand catalogue, you can add a product video to the image block of the product detail page.

As these are the early stages of this feature, it is not yet available to all sellers. Keep checking back in your account, and be prepared to add your product videos in the near future.

3 Ways Product Videos Drive Conversion

A video on your product page can be a game changer – and the key to standing out from the competition. In the age of social media, people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. A video is the best response to this trend, as it grabs attention and explains a product’s value effectively in only a couple of seconds.

Increase Engagement

A picture is worth 1000 words. By this standard, video is worth…1.8 million words (according to this report). More importantly, video adds dimension to what is being communicated. Sound, visual and written/spoken word come together to appeal to all the senses of the customer – helping to create a very memorable product listing.

Grab attention

A video on your product page will make your listing stand out from the crowd. Even as a registered brand, there are likely to be other sellers offering similar products. A video adds the special extra to your listing, engages page visitors, and helps people with their buying decision.

Help people in their buying decision

Most importantly, a video helps people with their buying decision. It gives you the chance to showcase a 3D version of your product, visualize how your product might be used, and can give more information on things like sizing, fit etc.

Whilst online shopping is becoming the norm, there are still a lot of people who hesitate making a purchase off the internet without having seen/felt/tried the product. A video effectively breaks down this barrier.

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