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3 Reasons Amazon Vendors need to Engage in Proactive Review Management

3 Reasons Amazon Vendors need to Engage in Proactive Review Management
By Anna Buchmann in Amazon Vendors Posted

Review Management is probably not on top of your priority list when it comes to managing your Amazon business. Vendor central also doesn’t make it easy for you, as there is no place where you can see and manage all your product reviews. As a result, most vendors struggle to dedicate enough time and manpower to review management on Amazon.

But that might be a big mistake. Whilst review management isn’t a task that directly affects your sales numbers, there are massive benefits to be gained from proactive review management:

1. Review Management indirectly affects your sales

Reviews play a role in your sales performance on Amazon in two ways:

  1. Providing stellar customer service and publicly responding to questions and reviews lay the foundation for better conversion rates and more sales in the future.
  2. It is recommended to only run PPC campaigns for products that have 3.5 stars average rating or above. Bad reviews show customers that your product might not be worth their money, and the ad will not convert well.

2. Review Management helps you stay in control of your public brand image

Product reviews – through social proof – are one of the determinants for sales. Many customers on Amazon use reviews to determine whether the product and the seller are trustworthy and worth their investment. Being responsive and personal in responding to reviews, therefore, attach a positive buying experience to your brand which can last across the borders of Amazon.

3. Review Management generates useful ideas for marketing and product management

Understanding what your customers think about your product goes beyond customer service and brand image. Customer feedback is a great source of inspiration for product development and improving your product-market fit. And reading through your questions and reviews also gives you a good idea what kind of features people appreciate and look for – these are often valuable keywords you should include in your product listings to improve your SEO and ranking.

Proactive review management is an easy win for vendors to be more successful on Amazon. And whilst Vendor Central doesn’t make it easy for you, Sellics does. The Review Management tool in the Sellics Vendor Edition notifies you immediately when you receive a new product review and allows you to engage with customers straight from the interface.


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