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Contact Amazon Seller Support: A Checklist for Sellers (+2 Cases)

When you contact Amazon Seller Support, it is likely that you need help resolving an issue quickly. The simplified sequence of steps would be:

  1. Login into Amazon account
  2. Navigate to the ‘Help’ section
  3. Choose preferred contact method (phone or email)

However, it’s all in the details:

  • How exactly do you go about contacting support when you need it?
  • What questions should you ask to maximize your success?
  • How can you make sure the problem doesn’t happen again?

To answer all of these questions and more, Amazon is trying to deliver more support options to get your questions and issues resolved with speed and agility.

amazon continues to make support simpler for sellers
A hopeful message by Amazon

A new Amazon Seller Support Home Page was unveiled recently for the US market. It makes 3 support options immediately and easily accessible for sellers:

  1. Seller forums
  2. Case Log
  3. ‘Contact us’

For each of these methods (and more), we’ve collected our best tips based on the experiences of sellers like you. Read on to find out which method of contact is the best for your business and how to get the results and answers you need from Amazon Seller Support.

1. Amazon Seller Support: US Home Page

Amazon does offer a slew of information on the newly redesigned Seller Support Home page. The page underwent major changes in response to Seller feedback. It now displays your Saved Solutions and Top Solutions which are the most common seller issues and questions along with their answers.

Here, sellers can get help with things like:

  • Canceling a listing
  • Locating a buyer’s shipping address
  • Account and payment policies
  • Finding out about customer fees
  • And other basic FAQs.

The new page is easily navigable in 3 simple steps:

  1. First, login into your Amazon Account
  2. Next, navigate to the Help Section
  3. Finally, choose your method of getting answers and/or getting in contact at the bottom of the Seller Support Home Page.

* Please, note: The design of the homepage is subject to change. Through our research that spanned the course of 4 weeks, we noticed that there are 2 or more versions of the US Support Home Page:

US Seller Support Page: Version 1 (‘Get Support’)

Alternate version of amazon seller support website
What you see when you “Get Support”

US Seller Support Page: Version 2 (‘Contact Us’)

The footer of another version ofthe amazon seller support page
Alternative options on the same page

If you are in need of more specific support or help with issues on your Amazon Seller account, beyond the information provided in Top Solutions, you will need to get in contact with Seller Support.

If you choose the ‘Get Support’ option (Version 1) or ‘Contact Us’ option (Version 2), you will be able to select 7 menu categories.

Recommendation 1

We highly recommend that when you do contact Amazon Seller Support on, you address each issue individually. Therefore, it is best that you open a new case for each issue. If you lump more than one issue together, it is likely that it will result in longer wait times to get your issues solved.

Select the area that you have problems with from the seller support menu
Report each issue individually

This is because your case may jump from department to department, fall through the cracks, or simply not get resolved. selecting any of these issues, you’ll be able to either send an email or make a phone call to Seller Support.

Recommendation 2

If a problem persists or you experience the same problem repeatedly, we recommend that you review your case log before contacting Seller Central Support. That way, you can review how the case was addressed and work with the Seller Support team to get the issue solved permanently.

How to contact Amazon Seller Support (US page version)
The Amazon Seller Support Case Log hosts all your submitted cases and their status.
Click picture for hi-res image (opens in the new window)

2. Amazon Seller Support: ‘Rest Of World’ Page

For now, Amazon’s Seller Support Home Page (ROW) remains much the same. You can log into your Amazon Seller account and select ‘Help‘ in the top right corner of your screen or ‘Get Support‘ in the bottom left. 

how to contact amazon seller support
How to access support

* Please, note: Similarly to The Seller Support Home Page (US), The Seller Support Home Page (ROW) design also changes quite often but the options remain approximately the same. Sometimes the Support Home Page includes a ‘Contact Us’ option (in addition to ‘Forums’ and ‘Case Log’).

the updated how to contact us amazon seller support page
What you see when you navigate to “Contact Us”

3. Final Steps: Contact Amazon Seller Support by Phone or Email (US and ROW)

Depending on which version of the Support Home Page you get, you’ll have the option to search for the solution to your issue or contact Seller Support by phone or email.

For phone assistance, simply enter your phone number into the ‘Your number’ field and for email assistance, write a detailed subject line and a concise description of the issue you are facing.

how to contact amazon seller support by email
Sellers report that email support is quite reliable

Do’s for Contacting Amazon Seller Support by Email

  1. DO include a subject line (contact reason) that briefly but concisely describes the issue you are facing
  2. DO include your product and account details (account number, brand name, business owner)
  3. DO include the start date/time of the issue

* Please, note: Your email will be sent only after you hit the ‘Submit’ button. In most cases, you will receive a reply within 24 hours. The reply will come to the inbox of the email address registered with your account.

Do’s for Reaching Amazon Seller Support by Phone

  1. DO begin by clearly stating your account details
  2. DO be patient in waiting to be connected to the right department
  3. DO describe your issues concisely and calmly, asking questions one by one

Recommendation 3

When contacting Amazon Seller Support, we encourage you to add your own interpretation of what might be causing your issue. Feel free to reference your research or other cases from the case log that support your hypothesis. Again, the more detail you are able to provide, the more likely you are to get a speedy resolution and helpful answer(s).

Case 1: Example of Good Interaction with Amazon Seller Support by Phone

Seller A – Amazon Seller Support Phone Case

a) Issue: I needed to change the price of an item and the decimal place was wrong. Instead of 30, the price read 300. It was kind of an emergency and since it looked like I had made a massive price change overnight, Amazon had already set the product to ‘inactive’. When they see a drastic pricing change, that’s what happens. Usually you can just go in and manually change from inactive to active, but I couldn’t so I needed to call Amazon Seller support. I had to get in touch immediately.

b) The phone call: On the ‘Help’ homepage (ROW), I chose the ‘Other’ option and from there I could actually speak to a human. I input my phone number and then they called me back. The first person couldn’t help me and then they connected me to another department that would be able to put it on active again.

c) The solution: In total, I talked to two people. The first one wasn’t able to make the pricing change but the second one was. End to end, the whole process took a grand total of 30 minutes and the SKU was reactivated.

d) Satisfaction rating (0 – unsatisfied to 10 – extremely satisfied): I would rate this particular interaction a 9. My problem was solved rather easily.

Seller tip: Try to keep your phone communication as simple as possible. If the first representative doesn’t understand the problem or is not able to provide assistance, call again and get a second person. If it’s urgent, try to get in touch as fast as possible and you will probably get fast assistance.

Case 2: Best Practice for Getting Results from Amazon Seller Support

Seller B – Amazon Seller Support via Email

a) Issue: We got a new CEO and we needed to update the imprint of our business on Amazon. This is a Seller Central task that you can’t get phone support for so I had to email Seller Support.

b) The email Interaction: I emailed Seller Support and told them that our CEO had changed. I asked them which documents I needed to provide to make this change in the imprint. I asked: What is necessary to provide? What would happen to our listings if the Imprint wasn’t updated? I got a response to my seller email address in about 30 minutes that provided me with the information I needed.

c) The solution: The Support representative gave me the precise information that I needed to provide in advance. They reassured me that my listings would not be shut down. They told me to provide the data of the private contact person, the verification of the new owner or the person responsible and the certificate of the notar.

d) Satisfaction rating (on a scale of 0 – unsatisfied to 10 – satisfied): I’d give it an 8. They were pretty helpful, detailed and reassuring.

Seller tip: Before you make a change when you’re not sure what the outcome will be, contact the support team to get a written form of proof of what is going to happen or not – if you merge listings, or etc. contact them first. Write a short, concise but detailed email. You have to answer within five days or else you might get a new person with a new ticket and that might slow down the process of getting closer to your goal. To re-open a closed ticket you also only have five days.

Conclusion: 5 Key Points

Amazon is ramping up its Seller Support efforts as its support team has grown significantly over the past few years. Whichever your preferred method of contact, you are sure to have a more successful experience if you keep these 5 concluding points in mind:

  1. Keep on the topic you need help with and deal with 1 issue at a time to get support from the right dept.
  2. Don’t veer from the main point of the issue you need help with and provide as much context as you can.
  3. Help support team understand your needs: use proper sentence structure and grammar.
  4. Give your own opinion of what might be causing the issue.
  5. Be specific – it will help get a high-level of support.

Getting support as an Amazon Seller is possible and can be made smoother by following our tips and recommendations. 

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