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Amazon Portfolio — New PPC Feature to Manage Multiple Campaigns

Amazon Portfolio — New PPC Feature to Manage Multiple Campaigns
By Robin Hanna in Amazon Updates Last updated on

In an effort to make your advertising life easier, Amazon has released a new feature called Portfolio: Customizable dashboards to collect, review, and manage related campaigns.

Amazon Portfolio allows you to group and organize Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns in a way that reflects your company’s goals and strategies. You can arrange campaigns by brand, product category, or season, for example.

Manage several campaign budgets at once

One particular advantage of this grouping feature is the ability to simultaneously manage numerous campaign budgets over a defined period of time.

The portfolio budget allows you to set a budget across several campaigns — when the budget is spent or an end date is reached, all campaigns are paused until you extend the time and/or budget.

Particularly vendors managing the budgets of several brands (and agencies managing client budgets) should benefit from these new portfolio features.

Portfolio-level reporting

Good news if you’ve been relying on excel sheets to unify your reports across campaigns: The new portfolio view enables you to view and export the total spend and sales of the campaigns you grouped in a portfolio.

This doesn’t just allow you to keep track of your expenses, you’ll also spot cross-campaign trends quicker and monitor the performance of your ads on Amazon.

End-to-end campaign management

In alignment with this high-level view, the expenses listed on your invoice are also grouped by portfolio.

Have you tried the new Amazon portfolio features yet? How have they facilitated your business? Let us know in the comments!

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