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Meet Sonar, our free Amazon keyword research tool

In this post, we’ll explain how the Sonar keyword research tool for Amazon works and the different ways you can use it: For listing optimization, for researching Sponsored Products keywords, and as a factor in determining the profitability of a new product to start selling on Amazon.

How does Sonar determine search volume on Amazon?

As many sellers already know, Amazon doesn’t provide information on keyword search volume as Google does. Sonar displays Amazon search volumes based upon the extensive research that we’ve conducted here at Sellics with our own unique algorithm. The keyword research tool doesn’t use any data from sources other than Amazon.

Amazon search volume for actual keywords entered into the search field is calculated in a very complex way. The keywords are weighed according to their probability of appearance and other key figures that are publicly available on Amazon’s site. The keyword suggestions you can find in Sonar are not based upon Google’s search volume.

How does Sonar display Amazon search volume?

To get started, enter a search term into the Sonar Amazon keyword research tool. If you’d like, you can also enter an ASIN to look up.

As you can see from the screenshot below, search volume for your Amazon keywords is displayed on a scale of one to five: One bar means that there is relatively little search volume for that search term on Amazon, and five bars denotes the highest amount of search volume on Amazon.

Amazon Keyword Research Tool Sonar All Result Types

Why are exact search volume figures not displayed?

Although the Amazon keyword research tool is out of beta phase, it’s still quite new. We need to allow more time to collect more data on Amazon keywords. Once we have gathered enough, we can test and compare data sets in order to give you the closest approximation of search volume on Amazon that’s possible.

What can I use the Sonar Amazon keyword research tool for?

We’re thrilled to announce that Sonar will soon be integrated into the Sellics Amazon tool. You’ll be able to see real Amazon search volume for keywords, and use that information in the following ways:

  1. Listing Optimization – Depending on your Amazon SEO strategy, you can target Amazon keywords with different search volume. If you’re just starting out, for example, then you might want to target long-tail keywords on Amazon so you appear at the top of the search results for those keywords.
  2. Sponsored Products – Normally sellers have to either rely on keyword tools meant for Google, or they have to have a lot of patience in collecting search terms from automatic campaigns to optimize them. (See our Amazon PPC Strategy Tip #1 for details.) But now, you can look up keywords by ASIN, similar keywords and related keywords with Sonar.
  3. Product Research – Sellics already offers a Niche Detector tool for you to research profitable new products to sell on Amazon. You can filter by number of reviews, number (and type!) of sellers, category, sales rank and more – with the upcoming Sonar integration, you will be able to see the search volume of keywords, too.
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