Amazon Inventory Control: Fully Customizable Software that Tells You When to Reorder [New Feature]

Amazon Inventory Control: Fully Customizable Software that Tells You When to Reorder [New Feature]
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We’ve released a brand new feature: inventory control! Now, you can see exactly how much time you have left to reorder each individual product you sell on Amazon. Our inventory control manager is fully customizable – meaning it will calculate real-time sales velocity along with each product’s unique length of time for delivery, so you never have to run out of stock!

Unfortunately, issues with Amazon inventory management are common – especially if you’ve just started selling. Maybe you’ve had a sharp increase in sales recently and have lost an overview of how much stock is left of a certain product. With our new, customizable inventory control feature, you can always see how many days you have left before reordering.

Precisely Calculate Your Amazon Stock Turnover with Inventory Control

In our handy little inventory app, you can enter in delivery times for each of your products individually. The inventory control app will take both your current stock levels into account as well as the time it takes for your product to be delivered – and then tells you when you should reorder your product on time. Now you’ll always know when to reorder or restock each individual product so that it’s never out of stock.

An Inventory Control Case Study: Does Going Out of Stock Hurt my Amazon Ranking?

In this case study on Amazon inventory management we released last month, we cleared up a few myths concerning Amazon ranking and going out of stock. In short, we first increased prices to retain inventory levels, then finally went out of stock. The effects of going out of stock on keyword rankings were varied: the ranking of one top keyword dropped considerably, while the other keywords were unaffected by going out of stock.

Each seller’s case is unique, depending on:

  • Length of time that a product is out of stock
  • Whether PPC ads are run after re-stocking to boost sales
  • Demand and sales velocity of the product previous to going out of stock

Nevertheless, it’s better to simply not go out of stock at all with a reliable inventory control software!

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Always Reorder at the Right Time with the Amazon Inventory Control Feature from Sellics

Sellics is more than just an inventory app – it calculates your sales (from both PPC and organic) in real-time, helps you with product research and review management and even keyword research.

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