4 Reasons why you need more than the Free FBA Calculator

4 Reasons why you need more than the Free FBA Calculator
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The free FBA calculator is really just meant for pre-selling guesstimation. If you’re curious to see how much Amazon will charge for monthly FBA storage or its referral fee, then the free calculator they offer is great for generating those numbers. But that’s the extent of its value. There are many costs it doesn’t take into consideration; And proportional fees (such as Amazon’s referral fee) can change if you lower your retail price for promotions or short-term A/B testing.

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Once you’ve started selling on Amazon FBA, you need to step up your game and get a real software to crunch your numbers. Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Entering Numbers Into the Free FBA Calculator Is Tedious and Time Consuming

Each time you want to look up Amazon fees for a product, you have to enter the product name, ASIN or UPC in by hand. Once you hit the button ‘calculate’, you can see a few nice bar graphs comparing FBA fees versus what you would pay doing FBM (Fulfillment By Merchant, i.e. handling and shipping the products yourself).

You can’t save Amazon’s margin impact calculation in the tool (or your browser) for later. You have to enter in the retail price and other numbers each time by hand.

2. You Can’t Export Data to Compare in Excel or Copy Into Your Own Files

Amazon’s free FBA calculator (click here to open it) doesn’t let you export the calculation as a .csv or other file type. So if you want to keep track of the costs (for example, to compare which products would have a higher profit margin), you’ve got to write down each fee separately in a spreadsheet. It also doesn’t let you quickly re-calculate the impact of promotions on your profit margin.

If you haven’t already discovered the keyboard shortcut to flip through windows (holding down the Alt-key and pressing Tab on Windows OS), then you’ve been wasting a lot of time clicking around between the free FBA calculator to Excel (or Google Sheets) to record costs that you’ve just generated with the tool.

But an Amazon FBA software will keep all your product research and cost calculation in one place.

3. You Can’t Compare Product Margins Simultaneously with the Free FBA Calculator

The free Amazon tool only calculates FBA fees one at a time. And as we’ve mentioned above, you also can’t export the data to easily compare FBA product profitability in a spreadsheet.

An Amazon tool such as Sellics, on the other hand, would hook up to your Seller Central account with an Amazon API. It would read the information displayed in your account, but not overwrite any data nor make changes to your account. It would simply take the information and rearrange it instantly into a clear overview of how your business is performing. For example:

  • Sales quantity can be viewed by a customizable date range
  • Sales from promotions and ‘normal’ (organic) customers can be compared side by side
  • Product reviews can be managed (Seller Central doesn’t notify you of new product reviews!)
  • Data is kept for the lifetime of your Sellics account (not deleted after a couple months or a couple years as Seller Central does)

If you’re doing product research to start selling on Amazon FBA, then you know that a highly profitable product isn’t determined by its profit margin alone. Sales rank, number of competitors and number of reviews (just to name a few) can determine whether you’ll make money selling that product on FBA – and those figures are not included in Amazon’s free FBA calculator tool.

4. You Can’t Consider Additional Costs (Advertising, Taxes, etc.) in the Free FBA Calculator

What you see is what you get. The free Amazon FBA calculator only gives you an estimate of referral fees, handling fees and other costs associated with selling on Amazon FBA. Some costs that aren’t included in the free tool are: ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales), marketing costs, taxes (which vary by state and country) and overhead such as employee salaries or mortgage payments.

Amazon FBA software will let you calculate all costs of individual products simultaneously.

Seller Central Alone Just Doesn’t Cut It If You’re Selling on Amazon FBA

If you’ve only ever used Seller Central, then you probably aren’t aware that managing your business can be so much easier and faster. Using an Amazon tool or SaaS (Software as a Service) will save you time and give you more capabilities to work with your data than Seller Central currently does.

Here are just a few of the limitations that Seller Central puts on FBA sellers:

  • You can only filter sales according to pre-defined dates in Seller Central: today, last week, past 30 days, etc. not according to a custom date range
  • You cannot save more than 60 days of advertisement (PPC) data in Seller Central
  • Organic sales and sales from PPC campaigns can only be viewed separately
  • You cannot see profit broken down by individual products

But an Amazon tool like Sellics won’t give you those inconvenient limitations. Hook up your Seller Central account to Sellics, and it’ll pull data from your account via an Amazon API. It’ll crunch the numbers for you in a readable, understandable way. No more hassle with Excel reports and complicated formulas!

Take a look at the screenshot of the tool below. Your data from Seller Central is entered into the profit calculator right when you set up your Sellics account. No need to enter costs in tediously line by line – all you need to add is what you pay to ship your goods to the FBA warehouse, and how much you paid wholesale for the item (or the cost of manufacturing). That’s it!

Sellics Amazon Profit Calculator

Move your mouse over the costs column and it will automatically expand to show you:

  1. Taxes*
  2. FBA Fees
  3. Amazon Fees
  4. PPC Costs*
  5. Promotion Value*
  6. Shipping Costs
  7. Cost of Goods Sold*

*These costs are not included in the free FBA calculator from Amazon.Managing your profit margins and keeping track of accounting has never been easier for Amazon FBA Sellers – try Sellics now absolutely free!

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