The First Optimization Software for Amazon Vendors

3 Integrated Features for Maximum Success on Amazon

Everything to be successful on Amazon – Integrated in one powerful tool

Customer Feedback

Monitor your brand reputation and respond in real time to product reviews and customer enquiries.

Content & SEO

Integrated keyword research and product listing optimization to ensure your product will rank higher on Amazon. Maximize your brand visibility and always stay ahead of the competition.

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

Increase your sales via AMS campaigns and use Vendor Analytics to optimize your ad spend to maintain a lean advertising budget.


Feature 1: Customer Feedback

Stay in Control of Your Customer Feedback

Product reviews can make or break a product’s success on Amazon, making it critical to stay on top of your customer feedback. Keep a birds eye view of all your product reviews in Vendor Analytics, and respond to new reviews in real time.

Monitor Your Customer Feedback

Track how your product reviews develop over time and ensure you have greater control over your brand reputation on Amazon.

Respond to New Reviews

Get notified when you receive a negative product review and respond promptly to minimize damage.

Answer Promptly to Customer Enquiries

Engage with your customers and build a positive relationship to maintain a healthy brand reputation.

Feature 2: Content & SEO

3 Easy Steps to Boost Product Visibility 

Increase sales by improving your product visibility on Amazon. Vendor Analytics provides an integrated keyword research, keyword matching and product listing optimization tool to help you rank higher in Amazon’s search results.

Identify Top Keywords

Research matching keywords for your products based on ASIN or related terms. Find the keywords with the highest search volume for maximum impact.

Keyword Matching for Product Listing

Build a list of relevant keywords for your listing. Stop losing traffic and see at one glance which phrases and words are missing in your product listing.

Optimize Your Listing Page

Add new keywords and phrases to your listing page or Vendor Central backend search terms. Copy & paste from your listing template to Vendor Central in seconds.

Module 3: AMS (Amazon Marketing Services)

AMS: Optimize your Performance & Ad Spend

Vendor Analytics helps you analyze and optimize your AMS campaigns. See which keywords perform well, track your bid history and use our automated suggestions to ensure you achieve the best possible ad performance.