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Save Hundreds of Hours by Automating Your PPC Campaigns

Hit Your Target ACoS with a Few Clicks

For sellers running Amazon ads, optimizing keyword bids is one of the most important yet time-consuming activities when it comes to PPC management.

Our new PPC Automation tool will allow you to create custom rule sets that automatically change your keyword bids based on the keyword’s performance.

Key features

  1. Automated keyword bid changes based on your pre-defined criteria.
  2. Automatically pause keywords in your Manual Campaign.
  3. Automatically set search terms to Negative in your Automatic Campaign.

See Your Ad Performance Metrics at a Glance

No More Seller Central Reports

Stay on top of your PPC campaigns and track the performance of your ads for any given period, which you can analyze using the performance metrics of your choice (revenue, cost, CPC, ACoS, orders, etc.)


Understand What Drives Your Campaign Performance

Have you ever wondered if all the changes you make to your campaigns really pay off? If all the time you invest into managing your campaigns is really worth it? Sellics automatically tracks all your changes and shows you how each change affects the performance of your campaigns. Finally understand what really drives the performance of your PPC campaigns.

Make Smarter Decisions With Historical Data

Sellics automatically tracks every single change you make to your PPC campaigns. Changes you make to your keyword bids, budgets, added or removed keywords are all visualized for you. Learn from the past and get a real understanding of what really affects your PPC performance.

See Your Keyword Bid History

The changes you make to your bids provide valuable insight into how you can optimize your keywords to increase your profit. Understand the positive or negative effect of your bid changes on your impressions, CTR, and conversion rate.


Fine-tune Your PPC Performance

Use Our PPC Optimizer to Reduce Your Work Hours

No more spreadsheets: Quickly filter through high and low performing keywords using our Smart Filters. Change your campaign status, keywords, bids and budgets directly in Sellics. Easily identify irrelevant search terms to add to your Negative keyword list, and move your profitable keywords from your automatic to manual campaign in seconds.

Minimize Ad Spend on Keywords That Don't Convert
Use our PPC Optimizer to identify and optimize your low-converting keywords.

Easy Automated Set-up and secured data protection

The Sellics PPC Manager is fully integrated with the Amazon Product Advertising API and is updated daily. Simply click on the ‘Connect PPC Manager’ button in your Sellics Dashboard to connect your Seller Central account. Your Amazon data is secured with us, and you can disable access at any time within Sellics or your Seller Central account.

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