Your Amazon Profit and Sales On-The-Go

Check your daily sales and profit, at the individual product level, across your whole business, and across entire marketplaces – on the go, whenever and wherever you need.

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Your Amazon Business in the Palm of Your Hand

The Sellics Profit mobile app is the most sophisticated profit app available on the market. With a native and fast UI, and fully interactive charts & multi‑markeplace views, the Profit mobile app by Sellics is perfect for on‑the‑go, complete reviews of your entire Amazon business.

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Live updates throughout the day

With the Sellics Profit mobile app, it’s easy to see how many units of each product you’ve sold today – and previous days as well! Your data is refreshed every couple of minutes, enabling you to keep track of every sale in real time.

See Your Advertising Profitability

Sellics Profit is the only solution on the market to seamlessly integrate both your Advertising and SEO activities to show your true Profitability

Multi-Marketplace Views

Easily switch between marketplace views to see your revenue and profit performance across each region you sell in. The dashboards make it easy to check a host of KPIs, across individual products through your full product portfolio, across all markeplaces you sell in.

Net profit calculation

We automatically deduct all your costs (Amazon fees, taxes, Cost of Goods, shipping, etc.), making it easy for you to track KPIs at the detail level. Retroactively and proactively update your input costs giving you the most accurate picture of your True Profit.

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sellics profit app

Fully integrated with Seller Central

It’s easy to connect your Sellics account to Seller Central and let Sellics do the heavy lifting for you! Just a few clicks to set up the integration, and all of your data will load into the mobile app, giving you and on-the-go picture of your sales and profit tracking.

Proprietary Performance Tables

Choose your performance view to see how your sales and profits are doing at a specific point in time. The specialized product performance table shows you performance across parent and child ASINs, as well as your full product portfolio.

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Want more? Get everything within Seller, Vendor & Agency Edition

While you’re here – check out Sellics Profit – the Profit Module available with each of the Sellics All-in-One software editions. Sellics Profit is a completely integrated profit calculator and dashboard that easily combines revenue on Amazon, costs, coupons, returns and taxes into a robust and comprehensive set of Profit Dashboards that shows you your True Profit across your full Amazon business.

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**The Sellics Profit Dashboard App is routinely updated to reflect product changes & updates to the Profit Module of the Sellics software.

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