Managing customer feedback and inquiries is critical to your daily Amazon workflow.

Streamline all of your Amazon customer feedback and relations from one place, improving your chances of conversion and customer satisfaction.

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A well managed Amazon business communicates regularly and drives satisfaction for its customers

From offering timely responses to customers’ concerns to focusing on improving overall customer experience, it’s crucial to regularly manage your customer relations on Amazon.

Get live alerts on new product reviews

Deliver quality customer service

Create quality and customizable responses

Understand the drivers of customer satisfaction

“Our research shows that orders with messages responded to within 24 hours receive 50% less negative feedback compared to orders with messages responded to after more than 24 hours.”

Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging Service

How to cover all the areas of customer interaction on Amazon?

Sellics Reviews Management Tool helps you to make sure that you can create and maintain a well-managed customer-first reputation, also helping to attract future potential customers, encouraging organic visibility and ultimately helping you to drive new sales.


Receive instant notifications about every new product review

Negative reviews can have a negative impact on your sales, and sellers should react as quickly as possible to reduce the damage of negative feedback. Stop manually searching across your products for reviews and start receiving automated updates whenever a new review is posted. Stay in control of your reputation on Amazon by reacting to your reviews – positive and negative – instead of wasting time searching for them.


Take immediate action on your reviews, no matter how large or small your product portfolio

Whether you manage 100 or 10,000 ASINs, it is important to organize and sort your reviews and questions, identifying where to start based on what matters most to your business. Sellics Reviews Management Tool allows you to filter reviews by Tag, Brand, Product Category, Marketplace, and Star Count. Prioritize your daily workflow accordingly, and efficiently manage your reviews to increase customer satisfaction.


Offer customized responses to all your customer feedback, instead of templated responses.

Customize your responses to customers to show them how interested you are in their unique needs and feedback – no pre-templated emails, no generic language – this is you talking directly to your customers. Additionally, our “Watchlist” feature also allows you to keep track of the responses – with updates on follow ups and revised reviews.


Gain insights on customer needs and product interest over time

Get a quick overview of feedback status and trends across all your products and dive into the data across ASINs, Product Lines and Product categories. Easily download and export your full history of reviews and questions for use in future content creation, advertising and marketing initiatives, or to review product quality and management.

“Filtering your reviews according to star rating so that you can manage the most urgent ones first was impossible without [sic] this tool”

Thorsten Dall, Performance Marketing Manager at WMF

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