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Compare your KPIs against your competitors in the DIY,Home & Kitchen,Electronics,Sports & Outdoors,Clothing,Handmade Products,Video Games category:





Median performance across 29 categories, 3 major marketplaces and $2.5b+ in ad revenue

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Sponsored Ad Formats: Analyze Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands & Sponsored Display

Detailed Score: Understand if you belong to the top 20% – or the bottom

Compare ACoS: Are you too conservative? Understand profitability dynamics in your category

Benchmark CPC: How much are others paying for the same click? Learn how to find the perfect bid

Grow CTR: Do your ad formats outperform the market? If not, learn how to increase the chances of getting a click

Improve CVR: Are your products more bought than others? Learn how to beat the market & convince consumers

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Amazon is always evolving – so are we. We constantly develop new analytical tools & features that allow you to make better, faster, data-driven decisions to succeed on Amazon.

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Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands & Sponsored Display

Do you use all the right formats Amazon has to offer? Each one has its unique strategies and opportunities. Learn where you outperform and where you can grow your business.

Are you at the top 20% – or at the bottom?

We analyze 2.5b+ in Ad Revenue for you, per marketplace, category and format, looking at each KPI and tell you exactly how your ads are performing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] free?

Yes, the Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] is absolutely free.

Who can access the Sellics Benchmarker [Beta]?

Anyone that is active in Amazon Advertising (at least 50 clicks in the last 30 days).

What can I expect from Early Access: Sellics Benchmarker [Beta]?

For the first time in history, you can gain invaluable insights by benchmarking your Amazon advertising performance with others in your industry. The Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] analyses your performance in Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display and shows you exactly where you are doing great and where you can improve..

Why is there an Early Access program for the Sellics Benchmarker [Beta]?

Our team is dedicated to improving the Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] from the beta process and beyond. It is important that we build the Benchmarker close to the community so that we can exchange feedback and create a user-friendly and insightful report. Everyone who receives the Sellics Benchmarker will be added to a closed early access community.

What are the benchmarks based on?

The Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] data is based on an internal Sellics study with a sample representing over $2.5b in aggregated annual Amazon attributed ad revenue. The study is currently based on Q2 2020 data, and will be updated regularly. Each marketplace, industry, format cluster includes at minimum 20 unique brands. “Averages” are technically median figures to account for outliers.

When can I expect to receive my report?

The report is automatically generated and may take 30 minutes to 4 hours to be sent right into your inbox.

How long will Early Access: Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] be available for?

The Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] is an ongoing project that will result in various iterations. The goal is to support sellers, vendors and agencies with as powerful insights as possible to grow the Amazon Advertising business. The Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] early access launched on October 15, 2020; the official launch of the Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] will be in 2021.

I am a Sellics customer – can I still use it?

Absolutely. If you don’t have access yet you can also talk to your customer representative team at Sellics and they gladly assist you.