Colaboration with Sellics from Spain

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Costanilla De San Pedro 1
Toro, Zamora, Spain , 49800

About VictorGBarco

Hi Sellics,
My name is Victor García, i started my own agency to Help customers to sell in Amazon recently but i have more that 5 years doing this Job.
We are in Spain, and we love your tool. Actually in one of our post We consider Sellics as the best tool for Amazon.

We are investing a Lot in get the best organic position in Spain. We already apear in TOP 3 for the search “agencia especializada en Amazon” (agency specialize on Amazon).
Also a Channel on Youtube and We have one of the Top 3 spanish podcast speaking about Amazon

We also recomend Sellics to our current clients like:
We would like to be a Sellics agency, keep helping to our clients with your tool and also be in touch with you.


Amazon Seller Services

  • Control Inventory
  • Improve Rankings
  • Measure Profit
  • Manage Reviews
  • Monitor Competitors
  • Optimise Amazon PPC
  • Research Products

Other Agency Services

  • Branding and Packaging
  • Image Optimization
  • Product Photo Shooting
  • Seller Central Account Setup

Languages we Speak

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian

Amazon Regions we Service


Our clients generally have

Monthly Agency Budget at Least $3000
Monthly Amazon Revenue At least $1 Million