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About SellerPlex

The “SellerPlex” existence in the Amazon FBA space came about with a strong intention to help various large SKU Amazon Sellers and Wholesalers to unplug from the day-to-day operations and pivot from being a “hustler” to a “visionary” -- A visionary that is focused on scaling now, in preparation to a huge 7+ Figure exit.

At SellerPlex, we believe that identifying the key “who’s” make you a sellable asset, as well as strengthening your probability of attaining an increased value as a business. In a short period of time, we have crafted solution/s for 1000+ companies from 10+ countries in the following areas:

✅ End-to-End Supply Chain
✅ Operation Solutions
✅ All-In-One Bookkeeping Service and Finance Management
✅ Done-For-You Amazon Content Optimization and Account Management Services

It does not stop from there. As a SellerPlex client, you can benefit from the following:

1️⃣ Finance Audit to assess if your business is sellable and at what sale price;
2️⃣ Operations Audit to determine where you can systemize your business as well as save money;
3️⃣ Ongoing bookkeeping and financial intelligence to give you insight to make data driven decisions;
4️⃣ Supply Chain Management;
5️⃣ Content creation and Marketing Support.

☀ Delivered numerous business reports with cost savings and revenue-generating opportunities;
☀ Provided SOPs and Systems that allow you to unplug from the day-to-day to facilitate a smooth business transition;
☀ Hired and trained your operations team to run the business so you can elevate to Business Owner instead of being Self Employed.


Amazon Seller Services

  • Control Inventory
  • Manage Reviews
  • Research Products
  • Monitor Competitors
  • Improve Rankings
  • Optimise Amazon PPC
  • Measure Profit

Amazon Vendor Services

  • Buy Box Monitoring
  • Customer Feedback
  • Content & SEO
  • Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

Other Agency Services

  • Image Optimization
  • Product Testing
  • Branding and Packaging
  • Seller Central Account Setup
  • Vendor Central Account Setup

Languages we Speak

  • English

Amazon Regions we Service


Our clients generally have

Monthly Agency Budget at Least $800
Monthly Amazon Revenue No Minimum
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