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About Bobsled Marketing

Bobsled Marketing is an Amazon-first digital agency that was founded in 2015 by ecommerce thought leader Kiri Masters. In addition to being Bobsled CEO, Kiri is the author of industry-approved books The Amazon Expansion Plan and Amazon For CMOs, an ecommerce contributor for, the founder of the adored DIY craft brand Makely, and the host of the esteemed Ecommerce Braintrust Podcast.

Bobsled is a proud member of Amazon’s Solution Provider Network and a certified agency with Amazon Advertising. As a highly respected 100% remote company, Bobsled has unrivaled access to top tier talent.

“Bobsled is specialized for the Amazon economy,” Kiri says. “We pride ourselves on strategic excellence, and display best in class thought leadership,” Kiri says.

Brands choose Bobsled because they want a partner that can add significant value over the long-term.

“We provide full channel management, and more focused engagements, across all of Amazon’s core global markets,” Kiri says. “This covers everything - Operations, Brand Protection, Customer Service, SEO and Advertising. Some agencies only offer high-level strategic consulting, others only handle the day-to-day account management tasks, but due to the quality of both our processes and personnel, Bobsled excels at both.”

Some brands that have chosen Bobsled include:

Melissa & Doug
Amazon changed the game, and Bobsled is positioned to stay ahead of the curve.

“We place an extremely high premium on specialization,” Kiri says. “Firstly, we’re an Amazon-first agency. Our clients love the fact that we’re laser-focused on the world’s largest marketplace.”

And the Bobsled service model has been purposefully engineered to serve a specific type of client.

“Bobsled primarily works with established branded manufacturers with total annual revenues of $10M to $500M per year,” Kiri explains. “There are some exceptions, but in general, this is our sweet spot. Rather than try and be all things to all people, we’ve refined our approach in the interest of maximizing performance.”

Results so far suggest that Bobsled is offering something truly unique.

“I’d encourage anyone interested to take a read of the reviews and testimonials that Bobsled clients have posted online,” Kiri says. “It’s thrilling to see how much value our clients get from all of our hard work.”

Bobsled is an Amazon-first agency that’s been a leader in the space for over 5 years. We’ve worked with hundreds of brands across each category and have established processes around every Amazon program and rule.

The Bobsled team displays best in class thought leadership. Bobsled CEO Kiri Masters has amassed 500k+ views for her Amazon content on alone.

As a 100% remote agency, Bobsled hires the best Amazon Specialists in the world. Due to our positive reputation within the digital marketing industry, each week we’re inundated with job inquiries from Amazon Specialists the world over, and whenever there’s a position vacant, we hire the cream of the crop. Rather than finding generalists, we assemble project teams with specific category and platform skills.

Bobsled has a direct, human relationship with Amazon. Our PPC team has a stand-up meeting with our partner manager every week. This affords us access to beta programs and best practices before they are released to the general public.

Bobsled’s reporting is regular, dynamic, and provides rich context to help our clients make strategic decisions. In addition to ongoing account performance reports, we create and deliver Quarterly Reports that help our clients track and measure long-term goals.


Amazon Vendor Services

  • Buy Box Monitoring
  • Customer Feedback
  • Content & SEO
  • Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

Languages we Speak

  • Spanish
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German

Amazon Regions we Service


Our clients generally have

Monthly Agency Budget at Least $5000
Monthly Amazon Revenue No Minimum
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