Sellics Affiliate Program

Earn 100% Commission on Every New Customer You Refer!

Guide users to our website and get rewarded for every visitor that turns into a paying customer! For the conversions that you generate, you’ll earn 100% commission on the first month of that user’s Sellics membership. You send us customers, we send you money. It’s that simple!

Become A Sellics Affiliate Today!

  • Recommend an outstanding product with top-notch customer support
  • 100% commission on the first month’s fee of each successful subscription! That’s up to $250 for just one customer!
  • No risk, no catch – you receive the entire first month’s payment of each person who signs up through your affiliate link. It doesn’t matter how long a user remains our customer, you get paid right away.
  • Secure and reliable documentation of affiliate sign ups through the #1 most-used affiliate tracking software Post Affiliate Pro
  • Easy payment processing via PayPal
  • Your affiliate link is valid and tracked for 2 months – that means 60 days cookie lifetime

Terms & Conditions of Affiliate Partnership

  • After the new customer reaches the end of his/her two-week trial period, the payment for the first month is processed. Immediately afteward, you’ll receive 100% of that new customer’s first monthly payment – even if they cancel Sellics after the first month.
  • Payments are always issued on the first of each month.
  • PayPal is the only payment method currently supported. If you are not able to provide us with a PayPal address for payouts, please contact us before signing up.
  • The new customer is attributed to the last affiliate by whose link the customer was directed to the Sellics website.
  • All affiliates who are citizens of and/or residents of the USA must provide a valid US Social Security Number or Taxpayer ID in their account settings. International affiliates simply enter “International” in this field (after becoming an affiliate).
  • You will receive payment neither for referring yourself nor customers who signed up after you became an affiliate.

Participants caught violating or attempting to circumvent these rules will have all affiliate credit voided and will not receive payouts. Additionally, they will be banned from further participation in our affiliate program.

How To Become a Sellics Affiliate:

1) Click on the sign-up button below to create a Post Affiliate Pro account which is used to track new customers
2) We check and approve your application while you update your S.S./Tax ID no.
3) Receive your individual affiliate link and start earning money!

After joining our program as an affiliate, we’ll make sure you get full support when it’s needed and provide you with all the details that you need to help us promote our service.