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“This is such an incredible tool. I learn so much from this. I have better direction on what to look at based on this audit.”

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What does the Amazon PPC analysis offer?

Best practices and powerful insights for your PPC campaigns to get a competitive edge.

Minimize Unprofitable Advertising

Quantify your potential ad savings by isolating unprofitable keywords driving spend.

Increase Conversions

Understand the balance of your budget allocation and whether it sufficiently supports your intended targets to increase conversions.

Maximize ROAS

Pinpoint how many high-efficiency targets you can increase bids on to drive optimal conversions and maximize return on ad spend.

Identify Incremental Sales Opportunities

By reallocating ad waste, determine your potential sales gains.

Reduce ACoS

By reducing ad waste, determine your potential ACoS reduction.

Avoid Competing With Yourself

Avoid competing with yourself by determining the source of your traffic and by assessing the effectiveness of negative targeting.

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