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> 91%

of advertisers hit their goals within their first 3 months

> 1000

bid changes per account
– every day

> 3000

brands and agencies trust Sellics Advertising technology

Source: Sellics internal data study Jan 2020

How Sellics Autopilot Works

Sellics Autopilot is a cutting-edge AI-based algorithm for Amazon Advertising optimization, taking into account a combination of keyword clustering, revenue, and sales forecasting, considering seasonality and other factors.

autopilot automated bidding
Automated Bidding

Complete automation of campaign bids based on: keyword clustering; revenue per click prediction; seasonality analysis; and sales attribution forecasting

autopilot keyword harvesting
Keyword Harvesting

Autopilot includes automated keyword harvesting within your campaigns and ad groups from Auto to Manual and, within manual, from Broad to Exact.

autopilot acos target
Target ACoS Optimization

Optimized for your Target ACoS goals down to an AdGroup level. Let the machine-learning software ensure your profitability goals are met.

Bring light into the black box of advertising automation

Does AI-powered automation always have to be presented as a mystical black box to advertisers?

No – With Sellics Autopilot, it doesn’t have to be that way.

autopilot by Sellics
Know what’s happening

Don’t get lost in hundreds of advertising KPIs. Sellics Autopilot will always bring transparency to what matters most to you: The impact on your sales and profitability.

Know how it’s happening

Amazon Advertising optimization is complex. Campaigns, AdGroups, keywords, match types, bids – Autopilot will show you exactly how it grows your account.

Know why it’s happening

Can you analyze over 1000 signals at once? Our cutting-edge AI-based algorithm can. Our dedicated experts and data scientists are there for any questions you might have.

Now you can combine Sellics’s newest AI-powered automation technology with our transparent reporting tools and the support of our in-house experts to effortlessly increase your advertising performance. All while you stay in the driver’s seat.


“With Autopilot, new relevant keywords have been added on our campaigns daily through keyword harvesting, resulting in an increase of relevant traffic and better CTR.”
Steve Milham | Owner & Director

  • Automated > 41 k bid changes 
  • Experienced a +144% increase in revenue within their first 4 months
  • Using Sellics Advertising & Autopilot
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“Autopilot has dropped our ACoS down by a significant amount. It has lumped the Bid Rules, Bid Adjustments, and Keyword Harvesting all together, and has eliminated a lot of manual work for me.”
Nick Augustinowicz | Supply Chain Manager

  • Saved +25 hours per week
  • Increased turnover of their Best Seller product by 15x
  • Using Sellics Advertising & Autopilot

Get in touch now with one of our Amazon Advertising experts

  • PPC Audit: As a first step, a Sellics advertising expert will review your current Amazon Advertising performance potential with you, and walk you through the pricing options.
  • Expert Setup: Once you start with Sellics Autopilot, an initial setup call with one of our in-house PPC experts will ensure your account is set up for success.
  • Full Transparency: Use our reporting stack to maintain full transparency into how the software is making all key decisions to grow your sales.
  • Performance Reports: A detailed performance report will be emailed to you monthly, so you can closely follow the week-over-week changes made by the software.

Why should I automate my Amazon Advertising with Sellics Autopilot?

Get a free expert audit 
Amazon Advertising is complex. Before you begin, let one of our in-house experts work with you to understand your Amazon advertising campaigns and setup, and recommend the best automation solution for you from our range of offerings.

Benefit from a world-class campaign setup
There are many things you can do right – and even more you can do wrong. Once you start with Sellics Autopilot, you will receive an initial setup call with one of our in-house PPC experts, and continue to receive regular support for your account on an ongoing basis.

Save your time
Optimizing Amazon Advertising requires a significant amount of time. With Sellics Autopilot, you can drastically free up your valuable time to focus on your critical business operations, and leave the tedious manual optimization tasks to us.

Remain in the driver’s seat
A detailed performance report will be emailed to you monthly, so you can closely follow the week-over-week changes made by the software and do any goal adjustments if required.

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