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When it comes to automating and growing your Amazon PPC campaigns, Sellics Advertising software has all the tools, resources and expert support to get you where you want to grow

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Advertising is complicated enough – We’re here to fix that.


Our cutting-edge Amazon advertising software is designed to put you back into the driver’s seat and help you focus on what really matters – growing your business.  With Sellics Advertising, you can keep it simple and focus on the biggest growth opportunities, or drill down to sophisticated automation and optimization techniques. No matter your focus – we will guide you along the way.

Your Time

Our flexible bidding and keyword rules automate everything for you.

Your Needs

Experience Amazon Advertising your way. Simple & fast or full flexibility? You choose.

Your Focus

World-class resources, strategies and multi-time zone support to guide you.

“The ease of using Sellics’ Amazon PPC software to review campaign performance and optimize keywords and ASINs in (our) campaigns has saved us an enormous amount of time and effort.”

Chad Baures | Director of Search Marketing, FRWD

Start off with the right focus.

Our optimization strategies are tailored to your specific advertising goals


With this strategy, we help you to maximize the sales of your Amazon PPC campaigns and to achieve the highest amount of product turnover possible.

Combined with clear guidance and easy to follow steps, pre-defined templates for rules automation, and an array of complimentary resources, we offer everything you need to achieve success on Amazon.

revenue history


What is a great ACoS? A lower ACoS than you had yesterday. But how do you hit that right number so you don’t sell less?

With this strategy, gain the insights and detailed bid and keyword strategies in order to optimize your ACoS across your full account. Avoid any wasted ad spend and double down on your best-performing campaigns – all completely automated for you.

target acos reached


For those who want to have it all. The Dual-Strategy applies the right goal for every campaign and product, and looks at your account holistically.

You’ll be set up for success with the right tools and resources to hit the perfect campaign, bid and keyword structures to help you grow and succeed.

dual strategy


Ad Revenue Generated with Sellics PPC Software

Sellics PPC software has helped Advertising clients drive over $2.5 billion (USD) in revenue across all supported marketplaces


Average ACoS Decrease within 3 months of joining Sellics

Across the 9 international marketplaces served, clients with a focus on ACoS generally see a decrease in the first 3 months of starting with the Amazon PPC tools by Sellics.


of customers within +/- 2pp of their target goals 1

For customers using the full suite of PPC optimization tools, including Autopilot, more than 80% are within 2 percentage points of their target goals across revenue maximization and ACoS optimization

mr tronic
Case Study

MR Tronic increases conversions by 185% and drives down ACOS by 20% with the help of Sellics Advertising

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What is the best way to experience Amazon Advertising? It’s your way.

With Sellics Advertising you can choose to focus on one of two tracks: best-practice strategies for simple and fast, with maximum time savings, or have all the flexibility and and control to customize everything exactly to your needs with the do it yourself focus.

The “Best Practices” Experience

Simple, fast, ready – When you value your own time.

  • It’s all about time. Focus on the biggest opportunities with only a few clicks.
  • Receive pre-designed campaign templates and rules-sets – no need to design them yourself
  • Set everything up and let the algorithms do the tiring work for you.

The “Do It Yourself” Experience

Can I change that? You can. When every detail matters.

  • Perfect for in-house experts and advanced advertisers, where every aspect of your advertising business matters
  • All automation rules are customizable, from keyword harvesting, to negative keywords, and bid rules
  • Ad-scheduling, placement targeting, dynamic bidding – there are opportunities everywhere

*No matter which experience you choose, you will have access to all products and services across both.

what is your score?

Is Your Competitor’s ACoS lower than yours?

Analyze your Amazon Advertising Account performance for FREE.

Analyze Your Account

Make your day a little easier –

Automate it


Optimization is a big part of successful Amazon Advertising – but it doesn’t have to take a huge amount of time – or – be very complex. Choose from one, or a combination of automation tools to fully optimize your campaigns. Every day.

Bidding Rules

Use the Sellics Advertising rules to automate your bids – every day, fully automated. Double down on your best performing keywords, avoid bidding on non-performing keywords and optimize the rest.

Keyword Rules

There is no advertising success without a clear keyword strategy. Use automated keyword harvesting to discover new keywords, and use the rules to automatically add them to your campaigns. Likewise, use the rules to add negative keywords to remove the non-performers, cutting your wasted spend for you – automatically. Creating your own “customized algorithm” has never been so easy.

Autopilot: AI Automation

The creme-de-la-creme of the Amazon PPC automation tools – Autopilot 2. The Autopilot AI algorithm takes into account a combination of keyword clustering, revenue, and sales forecasting, as well as considers seasonality, in order to reach targets across revenue maximization and ACoS optimization. Breaking the stigma of the “black box” with AI automation, advertisers will benefit from fully-transparent reporting and change logs. And for the ultimate growth solution, strategic account management is included for Autopilot users

Maximize your visibility with the right ad formats and setup

Sponsored Brands

Build your brand awareness and grow your brand halo

Before customers purchase from you, they need to know who you are. Sponsored Brands campaigns are a great way to drive awareness to your brand and your brand store – and now you’ll be able to automate your campaigns, making them even more effective and cost-efficient.

*Note: must have a brand store to participate

sponsored brands locations
Sponsored Products

Drive consumers to a specific product with a highly targeted ad

Sponsored Product ads are a great way to drive interest and purchases to distinct products using highly sophisticated targeted and bidding methods. With all of the campaign types and near-constant bid optimization necessary to grow and scale your campaigns, automation will quickly become necessary. Choose from manual optimization, rule-based and full AI Automation (Autopilot)

sponsored products locations
Sponsored Display

Drive brand and product awareness through various visual formats and placement

Sellics will soon support Sponsored Display ads – check back with us for when this ad format will become available!

sponsored display locations

“Sellics’ Autopilot has dropped our ACoS down by a significant amount. It has lumped the Bid Rules, Bid Adjustments and Keyword Harvesting all together, and has eliminated a lot of manual work for me.”

Nick Augustinowicz | Supply Chain Manager, Identity Stronghold

World-class support & insights don’t have to be expensive, either.

No matter the strategy, track and toolset you choose, your Sellics Advertising experience comes with a uniquely designed resources, reporting and support package, absolutely free

Resources tailored to your track

  • Guided setup & ongoing resource support come as a standard to help you focus on your Amazon PPC strategy
  • Receive a package of key reports, insights, research studies, tips & tutorials to accompany each track

Expert Support

  • Ongoing support throughout all areas of your Amazon PPC account management
  • For large advertising accounts, benefit from expert strategy recommendations, and advanced optimization techniques, customized to your unique needs

Transparent Reporting

  • Receive ongoing reporting and PPC performance dashboards so you can review your progress and gain key performance insights
  • See all the changes made to your campaigns in your Change Log, so you can easily stay on top of what’s going on in your campaigns

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In a few simple clicks, safely and securely integrate your Amazon Advertising account with our software

2. Set Up Your Automation

It is easy, takes only a few steps and your account will be optimized immediately.

3. Start Monitoring Your Results

See the impact every week. You want to do more? Customize your rules or go for AI automation2.

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1 — Individual results may vary. ⤴︎

2 — Access to Autopilot is open to select customers based on various factors, including monthly budget amount and campaign scope. Contact us for eligibility conditions. ⤴︎

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