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John Shea

“Their advertising platform has consistently delivered the best performance. We collaborate with them on tactical optimization and also on broad strategic initiatives. We trust them and it’s a great partnership.”

John Shea, Founder & CEO,
Momentum Commerce.

The Benefits
  • Freedom to choose your own goals
  • Say no to manual campaign management and instead, spend your time focussing on strategy

Unlock the next level of growth with our advertising optimization software.

Scaling advertising efficiently is complex and time-consuming. Our advertising optimization software lets you choose your own goals all you need to do is input a budget and ACoS target. You can focus on strategy and scaling your sales to the next level.

Campaign automation based on your goals. No manual management

Choose an automation strategy that fits your goals, and let our software scale your advertising like a pro

campaign targeting
Optimization by Perpetua

Always on bid optimization to help you crush goals.

Set the target ACoS and desired daily budget and let the platform optimize bids to maximize your sales.

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