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Course: Amazon SEO

You will learn:

  • What are the Amazon ranking factors?
  • How to optimize your content
  • How to research & optimize keywords

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Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing Content

You will learn:

  • Basic rules & tips to optimize the text for your product listings.
  • Checklist for creating titles, bullet points for features, description and product information.

Why Is Good Copy Important For Amazon SEO?

Amazon functions as a regular search engine so optimizing your content improves the click-rate (CTR) in search results and the conversion rate (CR) on the product page. Both, in turn, result in an increase in sales and thus also improves SEO ranking. Optimization of product content is also a prerequisite for successful PPC campaigns and other marketing measures that generate traffic to a product page.

The first step to improving Amazon SEO should therefore always be the optimization of product listings.

The following product information should be optimized for Amazon SEO:

  • Title
  • Highlights/bullet points
  • Product description
  • Additional product information
  • A+ Content (see the Lesson on “A+ Content” in this course)

You can find tips on creating compelling product images in the next lesson.

Basic Guidelines For Creating Product Listings

You should follow these basic guidelines to design convincing product texts (titles, bullet points, product description, A+ content):

  • Information: Provide all information necessary for the purchase decision in the description
  • Communication (Advantages and Benefits): Clearly highlighting benefits and USPs of the article in the description. Go beyond merely stating the product features and tell customers how your product can benefit them.
  • Presentation: Present and structure information so that it can be easily and quickly read by the customer.

Tip: Consider Amazon Product Reviews

To optimize your product texts, go through the reviews and questions & answers of your product or similar products. They often show what benefits and USPs are important to your customers and what information is crucial for their purchase decision.

Checklist: Create Product Listing Content

The following checklist provides you a step-by-step guide of what to focus on when optimizing individual product texts. For each field, strictly follow the guidelines of the Amazon Style Guides according to your product category.

Product Title

  • Check the Amazon Style Guides for the relevant product category in regards to length and structure
  • Should contain important information, benefits, and USPs to increase CTR.
  • Mobile view is limited to about 70 visible characters, so stick to the most important information.

Bullet Points Or Attributes

  • Check the Amazon Style Guides for the relevant product category
  • Include a maximum of 200 Bytes (equivalent to approximately 200 characters) per bullet point
  • Outline the key features and benefits of the product
  • Don’t limit yourself to simply recording product features, but always connect the features with the corresponding benefits for the customer (eg. “advantage, explanation based on product properties”).
  • Stick to one benefit per bullet point for better readability and information flow, for example, Bullet Point 1: Easy to clean, Bullet Point 2: Flexible Use etc.
  • Mobile view: Place your USPs points at the beginning of the list since only the first 3 bullet points are directly visible to mobile users.


  • Check the Amazon Style Guides for the relevant product category
  • Avoid duplicating the bullet points. Provide additional information as much as possible and tell a story about the product.
  • Make it easy to read. Separate paragraphs with < p >text< / p> or < br > (line break)
  • Use < b > text < / b > for bold text and headings.

Further Product Information

  • Provide as much information about the product as possible using the appropriate product information fields.
  • Additional product information is presented in the product information section of the product page and can increase the CR.
  • Additional product information is also used for Amazon’s search filters (page navigation) and can increase discoverability (e.g. information on color, size, material and more).

Optimize Amazon Content Effectively – With the Sellics Vendor Edition

The Content & SEO module of the Sellics Vendor Edition helps vendors optimize their content for Amazon SEO and conversion:


  • Content Check: quickly identify the optimization potential of your product listings
  • Intuitive listing optimization: let Sellics VE assist you in creating top ranking product listings in an intuitive optimization workflow. Tap into precise keyword information as well as content insights from customers and competitors.
  • Content Monitoring: keep track of all the changes made to your content: stay in control of your products and receive automated notifications when 3P sellers or Amazon make unauthorized changes to your product listing.

Action Steps:

  • Identify products with optimization potential in your product inventory. Start with your most popular item -- even if it seems counter-intuitive. You will see the biggest effects with your top sellers.
  • Analyze the reviews and questions & answers of your products to identify the most important information and USPs.
  • Optimize titles, bullet points, description and product information using the information provided in our checklist.

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