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You will learn:

  • What are the Amazon ranking factors?
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  • How to research & optimize keywords

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How to Use A+ Content

You will learn:

  • What are the benefits of A+ Content?
  • How much does A+ Content cost?
  • A+ Content - Basic vs Premium version
  • Is A+ Content worth it? (How to choose products for A+ Content)
  • A+ Content Creation Tips and Templates Guide

What is A+ Content?

A+ Content, also called Enhanced Marketing Content, is an Amazon program that gives vendors the opportunity to enhance their product detail pages with richer product descriptions featuring images, charts, videos and more. Basic A+ Content is created using a self-service content tool that uses templates as building blocks. A+ Content appears right below the regular product description.

What are the Benefits of A+ Content?

The overall goal of A+ Content is to entice page visitors to make a purchase. According to Amazon, A+ Content can increase your sales by 3-10% through a higher conversion rate. How does A+ Content achieve that?

  • Product: More images and more elaborate product descriptions give you the space to tell your product’s story in a more engaging way and show off unique benefits and features as well as the lifestyle connected to your product.
  • Brand: Telling your brand’s story and connecting with your buyers builds brand awareness and loyalty and can encourage repeat purchases.
  • Product range: A+ product comparison charts help users discovering more of your products and making a satisfactory buying decision. They also decrease the probability that users are driven away (e.g. by Sponsored Products ad or the Amazon similar product comparison widget) and buy competitor products

Tibo (a Sellics user) uses Basic A+ Content to highlight the unique selling points, features, and benefits of their radios:

  • In their first module, Tibo highlights the features and benefits of their product and draws attention to their brand logo and story to create brand awareness/loyalty.
  • Tibo then uses the second module to underline the unique selling points of their radios, thereby differentiating themselves from the competition.
  • The third and last module provides page visitors with a closer look at the product – the additional details can help potential customers make a better (and quicker) purchase decision.

How much does A+ Content cost?

Since January 1st, 2018, the Basic A+ features are free and available to all vendors. Premium A+ Content however comes at a steep cost – contact your vendor manager to get to know more about prices.

What’s the difference between Basic A+ Content and Premium A+ Content?

Basic A+ Content is freely available to all Amazon Vendors and includes a self-service content creation tool. Premium A+ Content is an exclusive program for vendors and is only available by invitation from your vendor manager.

The number of modules that can be used simultaneously on a product page increases from 5 to 7 for Premium A+ Content, and additional features become available – check out Bose’s product pages for some great Premium A+ Content:

Product Videos

Slider Gallery

Hover and Click Interactive Image

Premium Comparison Chart

Should I add A+ Content to all my products?

Since all ASINs are eligible and Basic A+ Content is available free of cost, you can aim to add A+ Content to all your products. However, keep in mind that you still have to invest time and effort into the creation of Enhanced Marketing Content.

Also, A+ Content is not an easy fix for a product that isn’t selling well. On the contrary, A+ Content is rather an accelerator for a product that is already showing a strong performance on Amazon. To be more strategic about A+ Content creation, you should, therefore, start with products that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • A premium price and strong margin (good return on investment – ROI)
  • Unique product with noteworthy benefits and features or new/complex product that needs elaborate explanation and illustration
  • A Best Seller or focus of your AMS efforts
  • A+ Content is common among competitor products
  • Amazon uses a product comparison widget on your product page that drives away traffic

A+ Content Creation Tips and Templates Guide

General Tips for Creating Converting A+ Content

There are a few general things you can do to make sure that the A+ Content you create has the desired impact:

  • Make sure your images meet the requirements for size and resolution (otherwise your content will be rejected by Amazon and your content creation process will be delayed)
  • Design a layout that is consistent across all your products to create a recognizable brand look and feel (create brand familiarity)
  • Visual aids are the strength of A+ Content: Make use of the many visual aids available in the modules and stay away from wordy copy
  • Include lifestyle photos that show how people use your product and how it makes them feel/how it benefits them
  • Inform yourself about your target audience (e.g. have a look at your product’s reviews and questions & answers). What problems/pain points are you solving for them? What kind of images and text do they respond to? A+ Content is marketing material – make sure it is optimized for the people you want to reach.

Module Guide

See our module guide with image specifications, use cases and examples for each template to make it easier for you to plan your content.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating A+ Content

  1. Look for the ‘Merchandising’ tab in your Vendor Central menu and select ‘A+ Detail Page’. Start your project by clicking on the Self-Service button.
  2. Select the ASIN you want to create A+ Content for. Name your project and proceed.
  3. Select a layout style. There is a total of 12 modules you can choose from – 10 standard modules and two advanced modules. You can add up to 5 modules to your product detail page – so you have to decide what text/images go where (see our module guide below for details and tips).
  4. Upload the text and images you want to display.
  5. Play around. The simple drag and drop workflow of creating A+ Content makes it easy and quick for you to test different designs. Look at each of your creations and ask yourself ‘Does this make me want to buy my product even more?’. Show it to other people and ask the same question.
  6. Check your content by clicking on the ‘Review’ button. Make sure that your content is complete and checked for spelling and grammar. Ad hoc corrections can take up to 7 days to be resolved, and for that time your product detail page will show either wrong or embarrassingly misspellt content.
  7. Once you’re happy with the A+ Content you’ve created, click on ‘Submit’.
  8. Wait for Amazon to review your content – this usually takes 2-3 working days.

A+ Content FAQs

Does A+ Content improve the ranking and visibility of my product?
A+ Content is not indexed by Amazon and therefore doesn’t directly increase visibility in search results. However, A+ Content can improve rankings indirectly by improving CR.

I made a mistake in the content I added. Can I change it?
You can ask Amazon to edit your page within 2 business days after your page went live. Revisions can take up to 7 days, so make sure you carefully check your content before submitting it.

Is there anything I cannot add to my A+ product pages?
There are a few characters that you cannot add to your product page, such as your registered brand or trademark symbol or links to other websites. Only links to other ASINs are allowed. You also have to refrain from mentioning your competitors as the content will be flagged by Amazon and requested for revision.

Action Steps:

  • Identify products in your selection that could benefit from A+ Content
  • Evaluate whether A+ Content is worth the effort (and cost) for your product
  • Design a brand message and visuals as well as consistent guidelines that you will use across all your A+ Content
  • Design your product-specific A+ Content. See our module guide for tips about selecting the most suitable templates

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